Why Should You Start Using VPN for Mobile Workforce Right Now?

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Using a VPN for small businesses is extremely important while keeping in view the current exceptional situations worldwide. Modern small businesses are flexible and dependent on a mobile workforce, which creates additional security challenges.

By keeping the company network secure, a VPN helps to protect business data and an internet connection, which ensures the highest tier of privacy and security. For small businesses having limited resources, its cost effect easy to manage.

Business VPN vs Consumer VPN: The Main Differences

It seems that business VPNs are the same as consumer VPNs but there are key differences. Business VPNs are designed to protect the privacy of business and it becomes possible with business VPN to control the access rights of users. They have an additional layer of surveillance and hacking.

Business VPNs provide dedicated IP’s which means they have dedicated servers for business users only. Designed for multiple users and universal accounts make it possible to control permissions and scale team with just a few clicks.

Business VPN

Before digging into deep the benefits of Business VPNs, I want to share my recommendation that is Nord VPN Teams. They are a pioneer in business VPN and trusted by millions of businesses.

It is the first and top-ranked business VPN that offers dedicated servers. I recommend their advanced plan most. They offer 20+ dedicated server locations, dedicated account managers and priority support always remain available to hear from customers.

In 2020 remote work has radically changed the way small business operate. Small traditional offices not turned into BYOD or BYOPC environments. Securing these networks from threats become more difficult. Remote workforce required adequate protections from cyber threats so getting a business VPN is critical. Here are key benefits that you and you team will enjoy while using a business VPN.