10+ Best Tasks Management Software of 2020

best task management software

When it comes to managing a large team and multiple projects, it is not easy to make a to-do-list, prioritize tasks, being focused, managing directions, maintaining a structure, and being aware of all developments. But thanks to modern project management software which are equipped with the modern tools to automate most of the task as well as make assignment of tasks easy, along with it extensive reporting makes easy to keep an eye on time management and completion of tasks.

The best project management tool offers all four essential tools inside a single platform and allows us to customize each and every element. Here I list top-rated project management tools that are being used by small, medium, and large organizations.

1. Monday.com

monday.com task management software

Key Features

  • This manager comes with an edit mode to allow decluttering.
  • You can be certain of your security because this manage comes with two factor authentication.
  • By using advanced board filtering you can easily find the unassigned task.
  • There is an option of inserting new rows and columns with a single click.
  • You can find things in your board by using ctrl + F

Best for

  • Team Work
  • Additional layer of security
  • Productivity

Nothing enhances productivity more than teamwork. The best essence of teamwork can be achieved with this amazing task management software. This task manager can work with all kinds of projects; short term or long term and it boosts productivity.

The whole interface is designed to be compatible with teamwork rather than individual use. All of its features are customizable and can be molded according to the groups’ needs.

It is a highly automated software that saves you the trouble of handling everything manually.  This automated feature eliminates the need for manual tasking to a great deal.

There are no bound to its versatile usage, and it is compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems. It works equally fine with windows or Mac, so you don’t have to be on your computer to avail it necessarily. It is web-based, but the app is available for download on a tablet or cell phone.

By using this manager, you can track the progress of the whole team. Keeping a tab on how much work is done on the whole has never been easier.  It also notes the individual output of the team members. Each member can update his or her progress by using this task manager. The tool integration option allows you to do the job very fast.

It is helpful in effective team collaboration. Real-time updates on the status change of the task are also given. Time tracking and progress tracking options ensure productivity. Graphs and charts show a straightforward representation. Members are also able to send messages and chat instantly. The basic plan is for five users with a cost of $8 a month.


  • You can easily mention anyone on the board by using @.
  • There is an option of customizing your board with 20 new gorgeous colors.
  • There is a tag column to filter results.


  • Nothing found not to love

2. Trello

trello best task management software

Key Features

  • You can keep track of your deadline by using custom due date notification.
  • There are so many ways to be creative with Trello. It can be used for wedding planning, vacation planning, budget planning and many other stuff. This software can be used for anything you like.
  • By using about this board feature, you can add details for all the team members.
  • By using map power up you can add locations to the cards.
  • There is an option of even using emoji’s on your boards.

Best For

  • There is an option of private notes for all the users on Trello.
  • Even surveys can be attached with cards.
  • Monitor the overage cards with card aging.

Trello is a reputed task management software and has been around for so many years. In these years, it has only made things convenient for team achievements. It is a minimalistic and straightforward task manager, yet is equipped with everything that you need.

Trello is a complete package and it has something for everyone.

It is especially suited if you are following agile project management methodology. Trello utilized the board with listing options as the main view. These lists are easily customizable and can be changed and prioritized. The web software and the app is user friendly and can work with all devices and systems. You do not have to be particularly on your laptop to enjoy the many features of Trello because it is mobile friendly.

The most striking feature of this task management software is that it allows you to add photos and video on the board to make the tasks visually compelling. It can be utilized for both personal and professional use. However, it is best suited for professional use and teamwork.

With its commenting and task status option, a feedback loop can be generated. The good thing is that all members will be on the page when anyone is reviewing a file.

The board can be further split into cards. You can add a relevant task, project overviews, and messages. Each member can add his or her cards to make the tasks achievable. Team tasks and subtasks for the individual team members can also be created.

It is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere you like. With its sync and integration options, you can access several tools using the same platform. The free plan offers several features for small projects. In the case of large teams, you can go for a business plan that starts at $9.99. In the paid plan, there are several amazing features for the users.


  • Users have the option to set a countdown to achieve productivity.
  • Slack can be incorporated into trello.
  • Trello has amazing power ups that boost productivity.


  • Do Not offer any industry specific feature.

3. TeamGantt

teamgantt task management services

Key Features

  • Users have the option of seeing the status of each project with a single click. They can also spot the tasks that are lagging behind.
  • If you do not want to see the tasks in Gantt charts, you can skip this option and see them in a calendar or list.
  • There is an option of comparing original timeline projections with the actual one by the help of a baseline report.
  • You can manage your collaboration and projects with the team from the phone.
  • There is also an option of creating reusable templates for your team.

Best For

  • Project dependencies
  • Real time
  • File storage

Predominantly it is a charting software but comes loaded with several task management tools. Its interface is soft and very easy to use. Let’s say that you are a beginner still you won’t feel any difficulty in using this task management software.

Even with no prior task management experience, you can easily navigate your way through it. The fantastic drag and drop features can be used for creating a task. The same tool can be utilized to adjust the start and ending date as you like. This task management software is so smooth that anyone can get the knack of it. Also, you have the liberty to adjust your timeline in a single click with the help of this software.

The task manager allows you to keep your documents, job, and conversations in one place. It develops a centralized system of information for all the teams. This eliminates the need for individual mailing and reaches out to be on the same page. Also, the wonderful thing about this software is that, it save you from any conflicts between projects. There is an option to see all your projects in a single Gantt chart to avoid confusion.

The app also shows the schedules and engagements of each member in real-time. This feature comes in handy while managing the workload among the team. You will know who is up for the task in a matter of seconds. The software allows you to manage your resources and to be on your budget. It also ensures easy to access availability tab.

The straightforward interface allows all of the projects to be displayed on the screen at the same time. As the app is supported on all platforms, you can update and track the progress from anywhere. Laptop is not a prerequisite and you can access the software from the tablet or mobile as well.

The automated feature of time tracking and reporting is also available. You can go for the calendar view to keep in check the deadlines of the project. The free of cost plan works with small projects. The trial version is available on all paid plans.


  • This software is user friendly and can be accessed from any mobile.
  • There is an option of tracking the hours that have been spent on tasks and projects.
  • Users have the liberty to create as many subgroups as they desire.


  • Costly as compared to our top recommendation.
  • Interface is complex and hard to understand on mobile.


asana for team coordination

Key Features

  • There is an option of creating tasks by sending emails to asana.
  • You won’t have to create the task over and over again because there is a repeat option for recurring tasks.
  • There is also inbox snooze feature to avoid distractions from Asana.
  • With the help of custom fields you can track work and project like a boss.
  • By using the advanced search option you can search things faster.

Best For

  • Time management.
  • Assigning tasks with sensitive information.
  • Available extensions and integrations.

Task management is tricky and it can only be done right with the task management software. The best thing about asana is that, it saves time and boost productivity. This task management software has something for everyone. Not only it has easy interface for beginners but advanced organizational features for professionals as well.

The sub tasking and individual tasking within the group is made easy using Asana.  Also,  it makes team activities a lot easier to manage.  Its effective and efficient communication system ensures the timely delivery of the project. There is an option of claiming the tasks by using the dragging card feature from the stories column. This way each team member gets the work he or she is likely to do. Also, if you do not want to feel overwhelmed with too many items, you can always priorities your tasks by using the auto promotion feature.

With the feature of progress tracking, the results and output can be seen in real-time. You can easily customize the deadlines and set plans on a priority basis. Its interface allows you to follow up on several different projects. By using cross indexing you can assign tasks to multiple projects. Nothing boosts your creativity and productivity than this amazing task management software.

It’s Automated updates in real time-align the goals for the whole team. The software is device friendly and will enable you to collaborate from anywhere. In Asana, there are 3 kind of teams, public, membership by request and hidden. Let’s say there are some tasks with sensitive information, you can share it with the hidden group members by using the hidden team option.

The feature of notification and popups is also available so that you don’t miss out on the deadlines. Commenting options is very helpful in giving and receiving feedback. You can easily view the time split of the whole project in the calendar view. This web-based software is good for the projects as well as the individual task keeping and management. The basic plan is free and lets you collaborate with up to 5 team members. You can get a customizes plan for the enterprise level. It is a secure fit to keep track of progress in terms of what and when. 


  • Asana comes with many extensions and integrations.
  • You can do a lot of things with the hack tab.
  • It is an effective tool for time and task management.


  • Everything is up to standard

5. ClickUp


  • There is an option of integrating productivity tools with the software.
  • Users can create a prioritized list of tasks.
  • It is easier to manage team capacity, schedule time, organize calendars and track milestones with this task management software.
  • It is an effective tool for time management.
  • Even the paid plans are economical.

Best for

  • Productivity and cost.
  • Suitable for teams and solar users.
  • Excellent customer support.

It is one of the best platforms to enhance the productivity of a team task or individual task. You can easily manage the work by customizing the features your way. Not only you can add start dates to indicate when task starts, you can also use the time and due date option. It is a cloud-based manager that also has apps available for download on any other device. You do not necessarily have to be on your laptop to access the many features of this task management software.

There are several integration options available on this forum, and you can merge and sync them all. Let’s say you have a list of your favorite productivity tools. You can easily integrate these tools by using clickup. You can customize the task status and add new ones. This feature gives you the freedom to use it; however, you want. If you already use any project managing software, you can easily import it into click up.

This task manager also several other features that offer versatile usage. The additional feature of notepad can be used to store data and list additional items. In case you are an enthusiastic writer, you can keep all the brainstormed writing here. In case you are a project manager, you can utilize all the project management tools to track your project’s progress. The option of Gantt charts is also available. It displays all the development and working of the project in the form of bars. Although the free version has all the fantastic features, you can also go for a paid option that starts to form $9 a month.


  • The software has a brilliant layout and anyone can understand it.
  • It is even powerful in the free version.
  • Equally excellent for small and large projects.


  • Features are not handy for large teams

6. EasyNote

easynote project management tool


  • Users can generate any type of reports to get an overview of everything that is happening.
  • There are some amazing options of integration with the Google calendar, Dropbox, drive, Outlook, hubspot and slack.
  • There is no training required to use this task management software.
  • It is a splendid option because it has great customer support.
  • The software is very reliable and has been used by multinational companies.

Best for

  • Reliability
  • Customer support
  • Good features in a free version.

With teams, things can be tricky to manage but not if you have the best task management software at your disposal. The best thing about Easynote is that, it is an award winning task management software for team collaboration. It is management software with a minimal and simple interface. It is used by several big names and companies worldwide. Thousands of corporate users are utilizing this wonderful task management software on a daily basis to manage their projects.  As compared to other similar software, it is rather affordable. There is an option of getting started for free.

There are multiple reasons to trust this task management software. One is that, it has been trusted by more than 55000 users worldwide. Even UNICEF and Samsung are it’s regular users.

It can easily manage daily tasks or group tasks. The software also works perfectly fine for exclusive business use. In a team setting, it is very convenient to be used for collaboration on a single job. The software is web-based and it’s cloud-based system gives you remote access to your dashboard from anywhere you want. You can easily link the co-dependent tasks to establish a joint loop.

With its cloud system, file sharing becomes very easy and efficient. Track everything you need, including the tasks and the progress for each member. With easy commenting, establish feedback loops, and make changes in your files instantly. Activate the notification and pop-up, so you don’t miss out on the essential meetings or tasks done.  Additional apps are present that work in collaboration with the main dashboard, such as meeting minutes, stats, risk management calendar, and web conferences. There are free and priced plans available for use. You can collaborate with up to five members using the open layout. An extended and business plan with additional features for management is also available.


  • It has the most simple interface.
  • The software allows easy collaboration.
  • New features are adding every single time.

7. Aceelo

accelo tool for productivity and profitability


  • It is an award winning task management software and that is why it is highly reliable.
  • This software allows the integration of over 1000 applications.
  • Users can get a free trial to have an understanding of the software.
  • There is an option of having live online training to get the understanding of the software.
  • It has a nice layer of security and protects your data.

Best for

  • Complete end-to-end project management.
  • Job planning, budgeting, and time allocations.
  • Planning everything in one place.
  • The convenience of usage.

This task management software is a fantastic productivity booster for you and your team. With the help of this software, you can stay up to date on all the activities and progress of the project.

It is specially designed for collaborative team usage and may not serve the individual users well. It is an automated system that minimizes the number of manual tasks at hand. The software contains all the features to manage sales as well as management of the project.

It supports third-party connections, and access can be given to your clients. You can manage several projects and tasks on the same dashboard. Gantt charts are also available to check the progress at a glance. For time management and task management, this software is an effective choice.


On can keep an eye and track the budget using the financial dashboard.  It allows all of the team members to easily communicate with each other using the inbox and messaging system as a built-in tool. The drag and drop charting feature of this software makes the interface straightforward. Its packages are tailored separately for projects, sales, and retainers and services. Or you can go to all-in-one-package. There are not several pricing options to choose from. The plans start at $39 a month. You can use thee free trial option to know if this system works out for you or not.


  • It has brilliant and powerful features in a free trial plan.
  • There are a wide range of customizable templates and collaborative tools.
  • It is easy to manage portfolio from this task management software.


  • It is not always easy to find the data, even its there in the system.
  • Data export functions are terrible.
  • Re-allocating and moving entries are very cumbersome.
  • Not able to have multiple assignees on tasks that are shared.

8. StreamTime

streamtime project management and team management software


  • The software dives really deep and gives data analysis.
  • Users can auto schedule tasks according to the deadline priority.
  • The software can even calculate the cost of the project automatically.
  • There is an option of adding personal tasks.
  • Data interpretation is also available.

Best for

  • Budget tracking
  • Business performance tracking
  • Clear visual indicators

Management tools are a necessity these days and without them effectivity and productivity cannot be achieved. The best thing about this task management software is that, it is a single platform with a lot of different management tools. Managing businesses, teams, and projects are made easier with its features. There is probably nothing that you cannot manage from the dashboard of this task management software.

It has a creative and intuitive design and a straightforward interface. The interface can easily be understood by even the beginners. The weekly webinar runs for people to get to know the use as it features in a better way. Unlike other management tools, this software allows you to manage and set up all the job-related options.

It has a robust system when it comes to invoicing and keeping records. You can keep a record of anything you like with this software. The powerful budgeting option lets you keep an eye on the fund conditions all the time.

The most striking feature is that, the software is perfect for multi-currency dealings as all the conversion is automatic. You can easily time track and schedule the tasks however you like. With its integration networks, it can sync with QuickBooks, zapier, and Xero. Other than this, if you want to integrate with other productivity tools that option is also available.

The auto-generated reporting system keeps you updated on all the tasks at hand. It is a cloud-based system, so file-sharing can also be done very quickly. In most cases, you can share huge files from the dashboard. You can start using the software for free and expand according to the needs. You can also develop your customizable plan or pay $40 for an already established program.


  • The software boosts creativity and productivity.
  • It is an amazing task management software for or managements.
  • This software enable users to generate job quotes.


  • Not suitable for small business tools need good knowledge and learning.


9. Favro

favro agile tool for distributed teams


  • This software allows agile project management with amazing tools.
  • It has a secure cloud.
  • Users can carry out complex business plans with efficiency and ease.
  • It has been the most favorite Task Management tool for game developers.
  • The software offers time tracking and reporting for each member.

Best For

  • For an initiative dashboard.
  •  Workflow
  • Personal to do lists.

Sometimes we all need a task management software that is faster than our imagination. For this purpose, Favro will suffice. It is an agile planning and management tool on the market. The software serves as a collaborative platform for teams and leaders of all kinds of projects.

It is multi-functional and highly customizable; you can tailor everything according to your needs. Backlogs and listing make it easier to navigate through different projects. The best thing about this task management software is that, it is free of any hassle and can be managed by even beginners. You can change the main display to whatever is best suited for you; Kanban board, sheets, or arrange by timeline.

You can keep everyone on the team catches-up to the task by keeping them on the same task cards. Within its amazing features, zoom out to get an overview of the whole project or zoom in to specific detail. 

There is also an option of making a lot of lists and prioritizing the tasks to ensure ultimate progress. In that way, it will be easier to spend time on what is essential rather than planning. 

This tool easily integrates other software. Let’s say you have some favorite productive tools. With the help of this task management software, you can integrate them. You can sync it with drive, Jira calendar, and many more.

On the whole, the web-based system is a scrum methodology of project planning. All the users and members on the team are allowed to comment and give feedback. You can share a large number of files using the same platform because of its cloud based characteristic. The lite plant starts at $10.2 for two users or chooses for more. Free 14 day trial is also available. 


  • It is the most effective business management tool.
  • It offers a free trial.
  • The dedicated support allow the users to have things their way.


10. TimeCamp

timecamp best task management software

Key Features

  • Not only it has advanced time tracking tools, but it also has multiple handy functions at disposal.
  • It is an effective tool for small, medium, and large businesses.
  • The software is available in a wide range of platforms.
  • It automatically records time usage for each application that is running on your computer.
  • The easy budgeting option allow you to estimate the time and budget for individual projects.

Best for

  • Easy budgeting
  • Monitoring time
  • Billing

It is a perfect time tracking software to keep the whole project up to the task. It is a robust reporting system to track task outputs and progress. With its time focused features, you can keep an eye on every members’ time spending. It also auto-calculates the total time spend on one task. Timesheets also keep track of the attendance even in a remote environment. Say goodbye to paperwork. It is a single platform with a wide range of usage. It works fine with agencies or start-ups, or you can manage the individual task as a freelancer.

Allocate the time to a specific project, and don’t let it go overdue. With its budget tracking system, always keep an eye on the funds. With a wide variety of management tools, you can keep an eye on the team’s progress. It is easier to divide the workload in that way. The app can easily integrate with other platforms. It will be easier to control all of the required software without switching the forums. Easily share files and look for approvals. Easy invoicing keeps the record of everything. It has several good reviews and online recognitions. The basic plan starts at $5.25


  • The software allows the integration with popular project management software’s like pivotal tracker and trello.
  • Its tracks the progress of a user.
  • the software has the capability of accurately billing the customers.


11. Wrike

wrike work management platform

Key Features

  • It is probably the best task management software to organize file management.
  • Users can have healthy collaboration and communication on this very platform.
  • Multiple users can access a single file if the need arises.
  • It has a built-in timer to easily track the activity of team members.
  • The easy interface will allowed the beginners to have an understanding of the software.

Best for

  • Visual timelines
  • Effective task management
  • Customizable workflows

Wrike is a fantastic web-based project management tool for all your worries. It does not require to be downloaded on the desktop, and you can use all the features through web access. In the group, the setting manages the task and share the workload effectively. With its flexible interface, it makes team collaboration a less stressful job.  You don’t need to open a separate mailbox instead of sending and receiving messages with the same app. It is compatible for both personal use and high-end projects. With is a perfect amalgamation, all the files become available to our team at once.

It is a perfect fit for remote collaboration and working from home. Use its workload view to divide the task within the team. With third party access, you can choose how your client can get access to the project progress. It allows you to formulate complete timelines to get a look at a bigger picture. Keep track of time by knowing all the seconds spend on an individual project or task. Application easily integrated with other software such as mailbox and outlook. In the case of different devices, apps are available for download. Start at $9.80 with a professional plan or user it free for simple tasks.


  • The software take care of your creative projects.
  • It is the favorite task management software for big companies.
  • Team members can leave feedback.


12. Nifty

nifty project work and communication management

Key Features

  • The task management software allows agile methodologies.
  • You can easily prioritize the tasks using this task management software.
  • It is are cloud based task Management solution that is designed to help product teams and marketing teams alike.
  • The software offer a multitude of integrations. Zoom, Trello and basecamp can be integrated with the software.
  • The software helps improve productivity.

Best for

  • Productivity
  • Zoom meetings.
  • Integrations

Without a task management software, productivity and creativity is not possible. Nifty stands apart because it is the ultimate best. It is a very thrifty tool to manage all the workload and all your projects. It doesn’t matter how huge your project is, with the help of this amazing task management software things can go very smooth.

This software is all in one platform for you. The interface of this management software is Kanban styled board. One of the newest options on Nifty is to connect using zoom meeting. You can have this zoom meeting with all your team members to enhance productivity and workflow.

The software is versatile and available to be used on all forums. Apps can be downloaded on Mac, Windows and Android. Also, this task management software has the ability to make goal-setting an easy task.

You can create a timeline and follow up on the project progress. If you use some other software, nifty makes it easy for you to make a switch. The software also allows productive integration of different tools. It has got all covered; the sales team or the marketing team.

Nifty is compatible with the storage of several kinds of files and docs. You can easily discuss everything among the team using discussion boxes and chats. It is advantageous in keeping the team on the same page with all the changes and progress. Thus, this makes all the remote working and collaboration easy.

Measure the progress using Gantt charts or manage client portfolios; nifty has got you covered. You can also give the third party access to the client to know the progress of the project. The payment packages start at $39 per month for a small company or beginner usage. The software has the potential of serving beginners and professionals alike.


  • Even a zoom meeting is possible on this very platform.
  • The software is easy to use and a convenient choice for beginners.
  • Custom fields can be added as needed.


13. Quire

Quire task management tool


  • There is an option of tackling bigger projects by breaking them down into manageable and smaller steps.
  • You can create personalized sublists to make sure that you are focused on the right task at the right time.
  • There is even an option of outsourcing tasks to a third party or external team.
  • By using the instant messaging option you can talk to anyone in a team.
  • You can easily send an invitation link to your clients so they can see where the team members are in a project.

Best for

  • Outsourcing projects.
  • Instant messaging within a team.
  • Aesthetics

Teamwork is fulfilling and it can be made possible with the help of a task management software. Quire is an excellent, visually collaborative forum of all kinds of use. Its contrasting managing space is user friendly and soft. Let’s say you want to use a task management software for the very first time. For that Quire is indeed the ultimate choice.

Tasking and sub-tasking become very easy when you use quire. It allows the projects to split into simple pointers and doable tasks. There is nothing technical about this software and that is the beauty of it. Its whole dashboard is straightforward to navigate through.

A visually aesthetic to-do list is a plus that adds to all the features on quire. Aesthetics enhance productivity and this software has a good looking interface. 

Keep an eye on the tasks and progress of every project. Single management or group management both can be done very quickly. See everything at a glance and know what to do.

It’s simple, yet fantastic charting system gives the information of everything. Identify which tasks are done and which are overdue and which is under the progress of completion. Also, this task management software makes revision very easy.  Downloadable apps are available in case you want to use it from any other device like a cell phone or tablet. It is a Kanban board style that made the navigation easy.

You can easily share project details with clients or outsource the project to an external team. Assign the role within the team for easy task management and collaboration. With blink search, find anything project or are a person. The best feature is it’s free! For personal as well as project use. Something as amazing as Quire is free. If this isn’t wonderful we don’t know what is.


  • Team members can filter tasks to find a crucial one.
  • There is an option of seeing the health stats of each and every project.
  • You can get reminders of upcoming tasks.


14. Paymo

Paymo team collaboration tool


  • This task management software has a rather modern design compared to other software.
  • It is probably the best for time tracking and invoicing.
  • Users can create customizable stats and live reports to track performance.
  • It can also help you get paid online.
  • Users have the option to separate projects into task lists so the assignment is easy.

Best for

  • Budgeting
  • Meeting deadlines.
  •  Integration 

The most striking feature of a task management software is that, it helps you track the progress of team members. Without any such software this thing is just not possible. Paymo is wonderful because it has something for everyone.

You can know everything that needs to be done at a glance. With amazing features of Paymo, you can know the task at hand in an excellent detail.

Its neat design and the clutter-free interface is a comfortable fit for anyone. Just looking at the interface has the potential to boost your creativity. It lets you customize the page to an option that is better suited for your needs.

You can see the task and its minor detail, or you can get the bird-eye-view of everything at hand. With Paymo, you are free to choose the flow or project method that works for you. Its personalized filter can be applied to a single project only.

Set the priorities by listing the task and their status like critical or urgent. It also allows you to collaborate with the team in real-time. You can chat with them directly or make suggestions using the comment box. Feedback from the team members is also achievable. The files can be directly attached to the project, and you don’t have to switch the window.

You are also allowed to mark a particular milestone within the project and create a sense of achievement. Get notification, and due date alerts to keep up to date .it is a solution for marketing agencies to individual management. For small businesses and companies, the package starts at $8.95.


  • The software offers the integration with several productive tools.
  • Users can visualise teamwork.
  • Task duration can also be tracked.


15. Basecamp

Basecamp tool kit for working remotely


  • Basecamp combine all the necessary tools that can boost the creativity and productivity of team members.
  • There is an option of adding notes and file attachments with the projects.
  • The entire conversation about a specific topic can be accessed on a single page.
  • You can link Google Docs to discuss them in basecamp.
  • There are color code files to keep things neatly.

Best for

  • Tools integration
  • Real time group chat.
  • Client access.

Some task management software’s are too good for words and basecamp is definitely in the list. The beautiful minimalistic interface of basecamp can organize any scattering project. Not only professionals can reap huge benefits of this task management software, it is also very good for beginners and small teams.

If you want to be on the top of your game and excel the project, basecamp is the right place for you. The way it manages the workflow is praiseworthy. It is a perfect option for team collaboration in remote work.

You can separately organize pop-up windows for messages boards, chats and do-to lists. Management of all the related material from one place is made easy using basecamp. It is ideal for enhancing the overall efficiency of the project. Instantly know what needs to be done. Organize check-ins of your team or the display, and it has got you covered

All the tools that you can access through integration are already built-in the software. There is no need to pay up for extra features when basecamp has got you covered in lesser amount. With its extraordinary cloud-based system, store your files and everything you need in one place. There is also an option of sharing huge files because of its cloud based characteristic. It is an ever-growing platform with thousands of new sign-ups every day. With base camp, you can give your clients advanced access and control what they can see on a particular project. The 30-day trial is available for all the paid plans. For personal use, it is free and connects up to 20 users.


  • You can easily manage everything in private unless you choose to share.
  • Team members can use Hill charts to see where the project stands.
  • You can have a private conversation with a coworker whenever you like.


16. Backlog

Backlog online project management software


  • File sharing and commenting is very easy with the help of this task management software.
  • The software enables users to visualise their project workflow and timeline.
  • This software offers the integration with productive applications like Typetalk, redmine and Cacoo.
  • This task management software has mobile applications for Android and IOS devices.
  • The software has a very neat design that makes collaboration very easy.

Best for

  • Productivity
  • Integration with email and MS Excel.
  • Fast creativity.

Looking for a perfect task management software for a better workflow? Look no more because backlog is here and it is fantastic. It is a fantastic project management software for everyone. Not only that, it is a perfect platform that also offers code management all in one place. It is trusted and used by several big names such as adobe and amazon. With its chat support, you can avail customer services at any time. It is supported on all kinds of devices and apps are available to be downloaded. Everything on here is customizable and quickly adapts to your personal needs. It is useful if you are a coder. You can easily share codes and look for bugs using this platform. Thus, it can cater to all the needs of developers.

You can easily track the expected outcomes and estimate time to finish the project. It offers you detailed storage of project a particular task or a project. In that way, you will never lose the old files of a task. Keep all the data securely stored in one place. Its integration options you can merge all the tool that you need. They will work in sync with Backlog to give you the ultimate experience. The editable charts and details add to the ease of soft access. It is free if you want to work on a small project. Starter version is $35 a month.


  • Users can propose and compare changes.
  • Services on a monthly subscription can be bought.
  • Easy administration of projects is possible.


20 Benefits of Task Management Software

Best project management softwares

There are so many amazing benefits of using task management software. Let’s dive deep and look into the many brilliant benefits.

1. Effective Utilization of Time

The society we live in is fast pacing and changing continuously. We need results and outcomes in the matter of second. In these fast pacing time, we cannot afford to keep on waiting for the completion of tasks. 

This makes the time an essential asset of all. We know that this crucial asset should not be wasted in mundane tasks and insignificant details.

To effectively utilize time, everything needs to been done in an orderly manner. With task management software, you can get this opportunity.

Task management software can assist you in utilizing time in the best manner. With task management software, you can manage the routine and concentrate on what is essential. Active management can also add more minutes to the time of relaxation.

2. Enhance Productivity

Management and cleverly spending valuable assets is very crucial. It plays a massive role in personal and organizational success. A simple to-do list can make your day a lot