10+ Best Podcast Hosting Sites in 2020 (Free & Paid)

Best podcast hosting site

Back in time, people only had one hobby, and it was listening to the radio, but now things are changing. Nowadays, the audience is more into listening to innovative and informative audio files that are called podcasts. In a 30 to 40 minute episode, a podcaster gives something creative to the listener. However, a podcaster first needs to get a podcast hosting to publish the podcast and get an audience for it. The best podcast hosting site is a complete platform that offers all the tools needed to go live.

What is a podcast?

Podcast or podcasting is one of the new and excessively used terms these days. The term is the combination of iPod and broadcast. In its earlier simplicity, the terms meant audio files from the internet that could be listened to on the iPod. Nowadays, podcasts can be defined as audio files or a series of connected audio files that can be downloaded on the internet. You can subscribe to the channels to gain access.

What are podcast hosting websites?

Podcasting is not as simple as it sounds. It is not limited to recording the audio and putting it on the internet. However, it does seem like a case that you record the audio on your phone and uploads it on iTunes or Spotify and viola! You are good to go. It requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of all the tools needed.

After recording and editing using special tools, you will need a place to upload the podcast to be accessible to the audience. This is where the podcast hosting comes in. These hostings are like homes to the podcasts. These are spaces or closets where you put your podcasts. Once placed in the closet, the podcast becomes available on several podcast playing platforms and directories.

These podcast hosting also have the features to manage your podcast. They offer easy uploads, analysis of the audience, podcast editing tools, live streaming, and much more. All of this adds to the quality of your podcast and helps in gaining an audience.

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Why do we need podcast hosting?

best podcast hosting app

An important question that arises; why do we need podcast hosting? Can we not have our podcast hosting? The answer is yes. You can have your website, but that does not eliminate the need to give your podcast a proper host. Here is why you need them.

  • The podcast needs a proper server – The podcast audio files of high quality are bulky and occupy a lot of space. They require a designated location on a server for adequate streaming and access. Your podcast hosting cannot cater to that need. Thus, hosting provides you space.
  • Podcast hosting gives access to directories – Podcast hosting comes connected with the players and lists where podcast becomes available. A personal podcast hosting will not have that option. If your site is not popping in the search and is not SEO optimized, it will never gain the traffic it needs. There will be no audience because they won’t have access to it.
  • Podcasters need bandwidth. If you manage to afford all the space required for podcasts to be uploaded to your podcast hosting, it won’t solve the bandwidth issues. A personal website will not support a load of audience and streaming. The chances are that it will crash under pressure, and your audio might not even play.

Podcast hosting sites solves all these problems. They provide storage and bandwidth for easy access and online streaming of podcasts. They are in sync with the players that are commonly used by the people. Hence, your podcast becomes available to the users when you upload them on the hosting sites.

Podcast Host vs Podcast Directories

There has always been ambiguity surrounding these two podcasting terms. Podcast directories are not the host sites. Their function is to allow the users to have access to the podcasts. Whereas, hosting sites offer tools and features for the upload and maintenance of your podcast.

They keep recording, all the listeners’ stats, locations, allow storage and bandwidth for the upload. Whereas podcast directories are streaming platforms for listening purposes.


podbean podcasting hosting service

It can almost be draining to think about the right podcast hosting platform for your podcast. The necessary thing is to find such a hosting where your podcast will have the exposure it deserves. Giving your podcast a proper home that fits your needs can be tricky and exhausting, but everything can go smoothly with the right hosting platform. It is time to talk about one of the best podcast hostings, and that is Podbean.

Podbean, with its unique and striking features, could be an excellent place to start. It is an ideal choice for beginners, so if you are intrigued about releasing your podcast, this hosting platform is a great fit. The platform hosts all sorts of categories of podcasts and allows you to access them based on genre. It does not matter what your class is; you can release whatever you like on this platform. Its uncomplicated interface makes publishing very easy.

You will not have to worry about understanding the interface first and publishing later. This platform is easy to use, and anyone can securely post a podcast.

This podcast hosting has an app for your remote devices. This means you can upload the podcast and do your work using a cell phone. This mobile-friendly feature is that characteristic that makes this hosting site all the more desirable.

The basic plan offers 5 hours of upload time and bandwidth of 500 GB. If you are a beginner, then this bandwidth is pretty enough. Once you get the knack of this hosting platform, you can always upgrade your plan. There is no time limit to this plan. You can play with this plan as much as you want or unless you reach 500 GB bandwidth.

If you are looking for expansion and want to avail of several other features, the paid plans are your best friend. One of the features this podcast hosting offers is embedding, which allows you to share the podcast on WordPress and your own site. Using this fantastic feature, you can be active on your blog as well.

It also automatically shares the podcast on your social media if you have allowed the synchronization. The sharing of your podcast on social media will do the necessary marketing for it, and this way, more and more people will come to listen to your podcast. It allows you to keep an eye on your podcast’s stats and the trends of what the audience is listening to these days.

You can also live stream the podcast. This feature allows your audience to have an actual conversation with you in real-time. The audience can also give you virtual gifts.

Key Features

  • You can avail of the basic plan without any time limit for free.
  • In the basic layout, you will get 500 GB of bandwidth and five hours upload time.
  • Users will be able to converse with you via this hosting site. You can even receive virtual gifts from them.
  • Paid plan for Podbean will help you get more features for your podcast
  • You can share your podcast on your social media and WordPress site with the help of Podbean.


buzzsprout hosting site

Podcasting is a tough job, and unless you have a friendly hosting platform, you cannot entertain the idea of recording your podcast and sharing it with the world. Podcasting does not stop with the recording. You will need an established platform to upload and to build the audience. Without an audience, your podcast will go nowhere, and that’s why it is imperative to find that one fantastic hosting site that gives you the exposure you deserve.

Buzzsprout is one of the best podcast hosting platform in the market to host your podcast. This one is a hosting you can trust because it has been gathering amazing reviews for years now. It has a very flexible, user-friendly interface, and you are likely to fall in love with this podcast hosting platform while you work with it.

The hosting provides a place to upload your podcast, but it is also home to thousands of blogs and guidelines to start a podcast. If you want to start a podcast but do not have a basic understanding of it, this podcast hosting platform is your go-to option

It is loaded with several features that make it amazing for professionals as well as beginners.

The hosting offers you 90 days free trial period with two hours of upload time each month. The podcast stats are shown to the users. You can always see how many people listen to your podcasts and how you can make your podcast better. Based on this information, you can upgrade to paid plans or cancel if you don’t want to continue.

Buzzsprout comes affiliated with several essential podcast directories like Google podcasts, Apple, Spotify, etc., it gives you access to millions of listeners to build your audience. Stay on this hosting for just three months and see how you get your podcast’s right audience. You can be pretty famous in a short period if you stick to this amazing hosting site.

You can upload the episodes one by one, or you can schedule the upload beforehand for a day later. The description feature allows the audience to know the content of the podcast. This podcast hosting platform offers in-between episode markers. They pinpoint the exact location of the material and make it easier to navigate. If you are into building an audience for the long term, then this hosting podcast hosting platform is your answer.

Key Features

  • Buzzsprout has a 90 day trial period.
  • This hosting site will help you build an audience for your podcast.
  • You will get two hours of upload time each month in the trial period.
  • You will be able to put markers in between your podcast episodes so listeners can navigate easily.
  • This website also has several blogs where you can get the idea of starting your podcast if you are a beginner.


simple cast free trial podcast

The podcast is all about growing in the right direction. Podcasting is more than just a hobby or a side hustle. There is a lot of potential for growth in this industry. You have no idea what fruits you can reap, once you are a successful podcaster. Simplecast can be a fantastic option if you are looking to monetize and take your podcast to the next level.

This platform will give you hosting; it will also help you monetize your podcast so you can earn from your recordings.

It caters to the needs of individual podcaster, network and businesses.

This hosting equips you with all kinds of tools needed throughout your expansion journey, from a few listeners to millions. If you are lucky, you can get millions of listeners in just a few months. It houses the podcasts of several famous brands.

People are saying beautiful things about this website because it has helped many brands get the recognition they now have. This podcast hosting platform is not an excellent option for beginners, like other websites. If you have already established yourself in the podcast industry and are planning to move forward to level 2, this one is definitely for you.

All the plans come with a 14 day trial period. After that, there are monthly charges for each plan, depending on what you select. The number of team members, analytic options, download bandwidth, essential tools, and collaboration tools vary among the programs. You can take it this way, the better the method you choose for yourself, the better will be the features.

The easy publishing and access to several podcast players, allow you to expand your audiences on several applications such as Spotify, Apple, etc. The streamlined workflow and innovative features allow easy publishing and availability to your podcast.

The interface is very user friendly, and you can learn to use it in just 2 to 3 days. The elaborated analytical tools at affordable prices allow you to know your listeners’ geographic location and the devices they use.

Key Features

  • You can enjoy all the plans for this podcast hosting platform for free for 14 days.
  • You can get a lot of exposure to your podcast after using this podcast hosting platform.
  • This podcast hosting platform is also suitable for podcasters to have expansion and audience.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that is very easy to use and publish podcasts.
  • This one is by far the best podcast hosting website that professionals can get.


Transister podcast publishing platform

One can always start a podcast as a hobby until you are famous. You probably have no idea, but you can reap unusual fruits of being a podcaster once even one goes viral. For your podcast to be brilliant, it takes one viral episode and the right podcast hosting. Together these things can make you successful overnight, but for that podcast hosting site is a must.

The transistor is a trusted brand run by creatives, professionals, and businesses. Many famous people have used this platform for podcasts, and almost all of them are now a great success. It is also widely used by organizations and brands for their podcasts.

This one has several contrasting features that make it an option for choosing a business plan with elaborate features. Let’s say you want to have exposure for your business-related podcast; a transistor can be the best in this regard.

This platform offers a 14 day trial period, and the pricing starts for $19 a month. At an affordable price, you can get yourself podcast hosting and an audience. If you choose the yearly payment option, there will be no billing for two months.

The podcast hosting platform makes your podcast available to a broad audience. As so many people log in to this website to listen to podcasts daily, your podcast will have a high chance of getting the exposure it deserves.

Embedding your website can also be done while ensuring the quality of your audio. So if you have a WordPress site and want to make your podcast available on that, you can do that through this podcast hosting platform.

The option of a built-in podcast hosting platform is also available. Analytics allows you to keep a record of the day-to-day download and the number of subscribers. This feature will help to satisfy the geek in you. If you already have audio uploaded to a different website, transistor allows for convenient migration. It saves you from the fatigue of re-uploading.

Professional and business plans offer private podcasting and subscribers, essential in building a private audience.

Key Features

  • You can enjoy the liberty of using which platform for 14 days for free.
  • You need to pay $19 a month to enjoy all the podcast hosting features.
  • One can easily embed the podcast from this website to WordPress.
  • Anyone can get a chance to have an audience.
  • The analytic function will show you the stats every single day.


blubrry the most flexible tool for podcasting

The choice of a podcasting podcast hosting platform becomes hard when you already have a website. Blubrry, one of the most flexible tools for podcasting, can be problem solvers. It is a top-tier platform for both beginners and professionals. Its WordPress plug-in is a unique feature that makes it easy to use for podcasters.

Let’s say you have a WordPress podcast hosting platform, and you are looking for that one plug-in that helps you access multiple websites for your podcast. In this regard, Blubrry is the best.

Its affiliations allow the publishing and availability of the podcast on various podcast hosting platform. This one is a preferable website when you are trying to build the audience.

Blubrry comes with several pricing options for its users, and they are more customized for individual needs than any other podcast hosting platform. Most of the storage size varies within the plan, with the professional plan of unlimited available storage.

One of its amazing features is that it is RSS compliant, and its podcast gets available in iTunes. The Power Press plug-in allows you to sync the Blubrry with your podcast hosting platform. The plugin has several other features available such as import tools, MP3 tagging, and SEO tools that make your podcasting experience remarkable.

Key Features

  • You can sync Blubrry with WordPress with the help of a plugin.
  • This podcast hosting website is available for both beginners and professionals.
  • You can get unlimited storage space with a pro plan.
  • With the plugin comes many amazing features.


captivate podcast host free trial

The podcast is not all about recording an audio file and uploading it anywhere. Without the right podcast hosting, your podcast career can go in vain. A podcast hosting is a fantastic place for all of you to upload your podcast to a broader audience.

Captivate is the best podcast hosting because its features are designed to cater to all. This podcast hosting app will help you become a pro. It will aid you in starting a podcast to grow a podcast and then become a professional. It is a go-to place for all.

The good thing about this platform is that its minimal interface is soft to use and device friendly. This podcast hosting app allows the user to have access to a wide range of audiences. We are well aware of the importance of an audience. The more people will listen to your podcast, the more famous you will be. 

The pricing plan comes with seven days of a free trial. Thus, ideally, if you have some experience in podcasting, you can opt for this podcast hosting app. The plans start from 19 dollars and go up to $99; you can choose the suitable option for your needs.

One of the remarkable features of this podcast hosting app is that it also offers tailored on-demand packages. It means if the plans are not working out for you, contact the site, and get a customized one according to your needs.

Unlike some podcasting podcast hosting app, there is no team member restriction on captivate. You can have as many as you like onboard to gain your podcast’s full control. It also allows you to have auto-generated links to be shared on several podcast hosting app.

Key Features

  • The trial plan will help you understand the podcast hosting app better.
  • You can share your website on many social media platforms through captivate.
  • This one is an ideal platform for beginners and pro alike.
  • You can get tailored on-demand packages that cater to your needs by contacting customer support.


Castos podcast hosting

Podcast hosting’s work differently. Each one comes with different features. However, not many sites allow the users to edit the podcast one final time before the uploading, but castos will cater to this need.

If you are looking for something more than just hosting your podcast, castos is the right place for you. The podcast hosting app offers several features that allow you to edit the podcast before the final upload. Moreover, it serves all functions of the hosting requirements as well.

It is a complete package with transcription features and podcast editing services. A well-developed platform gives you access to multiple podcasts. Let’s say that you are looking for inspiration so you can create your podcast. On castos, you will find different people with unique ideas. Eventually, these ideas will help you create your podcast with your individual touch.

Casto’s plans allow you to have 14 days trial to familiarize yourself with the podcast hosting app. You can use this platform without paying a dime so you familiarize yourself with all its features.

Once you feel satisfied, you can upgrade your free plan. All plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth; most podcast sites do not offer without additional payments.

The platform comes equipped with the WordPress plugin. It solves several management and uploading problems. Remote access allows you to control your profile on the hosting site (Castos) from your very own website.

Its dashboard gathers and displays data from several podcast listening platform. Thus, you are well informed and connected with your audience’s needs. This feature allows you to create different podcasts according to the needs of your listeners. This podcast hosting app also offers to customize the player and multiple listening feed. 

If you have synchronized with Youtube, this podcast hosting app allows you to publish your podcast there automatically. Moreover, this platform will enable you to customize your page, adding a personalized touch and individuality to your podcast.

Key Features

  • With this podcast hosting’s help, you can publish your podcast on YouTube if you have activated this synchronization.
  • You can get an idea of what listeners want to hear by looking at the dashboard.
  • All the plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  • You will have the chance to edit your podcast before publishing it on Castos.


Speaker podcast hosting  free and paid

Gone are the days when people were happy listening to radio shows. Now they are looking for more innovative and informative content, and podcasts can provide that. Before even thinking about making a podcast, it is imperative to get the right podcast hosting.

This not very old hosting is home to several famous podcasts, including the worldwide phenomenon and trend, marvels cinematic universe. This podcast hosting service can be an excellent choice if you are looking to monetize your podcast in the future. On this website, you can enjoy plenty of options to grow.

It’s easy to use an interface that limits the hard task to only a few clicks. The podcast library is genre-based and is helpful for you in choosing where to get the inspiration from. This makes it a fantastic listening platform. The apps allow you to have access to the podcast on the go.

One loveable and pocket-friendly feature of this podcast hosting service is that one of its plans stays free forever and offers multiple podcast hosting. Although some of its features are only available in the paid plans, free podcasting isn’t something another podcast hosting service provider.

You can stay on this podcast hosting service and publish your podcast until you feel ready for the big leap. Once you have confidence in your abilities, you can always go for paid features.

It also comes equipped with live streaming and pre-recorded options. You can live stream the podcast, and allow the audience to chat and interact with you. This feature alone will help you build an audience for your podcast.

Also, it can be beneficial in understanding your audience better and making a deeper connection. You can also schedule the episodes‘ upload to keep the upload on track even when you are not available.

This podcast hosting service is like a dream come true for beginners, but also professionals can establish themselves a little more through Speaker.

Key Features

  • The beauty of the speaker is that one of its plans does not have an expiry period.
  • You can live stream your podcast and have an interaction with your listeners on the go.
  • There are plenty of options to get inspiration from this platform.
  • Through this podcast hosting website, you can even monetize your podcasts in the future.


audioboom for podcasters

Being a podcast host and a directory in itself, Audioboom is a well-established network site for podcasters. People who have started their podcast career from this podcast hosting service are now a success. The interface is designed to make hosting very easy for newcomers. So if you are a beginner, even then, you will not have any difficulty understanding the different functions of this podcast hosting.

The professional plan allows you to become part of Audioboom’s original podcast network. The network houses several famous podcasts and has a loyal audience of its own.

There are no trial versions available for this podcast hosting service. You can sign up and opt for monthly or yearly payments, whatever suits you best. The difference between Audioboom and other podcast hosting sites is that here you will have to pay to avail the features of podcast hosting.

The podcast hosting service allows you to advertise your podcast by inserting short ads between the podcast that would enable ads to be played.

This marketing strategy is an excellent way of building your audience. Technically this podcast hosting service does the marketing for you as well, along with providing you with a podcast hosting platform. You can also get the endorsement from the well-established and famous podcasters.

Your chances of earning money exceed with the help of this podcast hosting service.

Contributors and co-hosting allow you to have several different channels that house your podcasts. If you have more than 10,000 plays per episode, the podcast hosting service offers a pro plan.

The plan comes with several additional features that can help in getting sponsors and monetizing your podcast. This feature allows you to make money through your podcast and access a targeted ad network.

Key Features

  • Secure monthly and yearly payment methods for beginners and professionals.
  • This podcast hosting service allows you to market your podcast by placing ads between the episodes.
  • On this podcast hosting service, there are more chances of earning money out of your podcast business.
  • The easy-to-use interface will allow you to become a pro in less than a month.
  • Fantastic opportunities to build a loyal audience.


libsyn powerful podcast hosting

There is proverb old gold. Sometimes it is always the best idea to go for a platform that has been there for ages. When we talk about the past or the initiation of podcasts, Libsyn never goes unmentioned. It is one of the oldest platforms ever established for podcasting. From beginners to professional and enterprise-level, this platform can cater to the needs of all.

Some of the features might feel old school, but this platform has a well-established audience. This hosting is device friendly.

It allows you to manage the upload of your podcast from any device and from anywhere. You can even publish your podcast on the go with just a click.

You can start with its basic plan, which is only $5 a month and offers 50 MB of storage. Once your audience starts to build, you can switch to a different plan according to your needs. Its analytics allow an in-depth understanding of your audience, which is helpful in smart marketing and investment.

The generated stats can be converted into downloadable reports.

The podcast hosting service site partners with several media companies like Spotify and Pandora and is an excellent opportunity for growth. It also gives access to many podcast directories.

The podcast hosting service site is equipped with several futuristic features, including a geographic heat map of your audience, data range selector w.r.t. Time and episode-wise stats. It also has several distinct features for episode publishing.

Key Features

  • This one is one of the oldest podcast hosting platforms for beginners and professionals.
  • Anyone can buy the basic plan in just $5.
  • It has an extremely easy to use interface that is user friendly.
  • You can see the stats and analytics.
  • We have access to many podcast directories with the help of this podcast hosting site.


Anchor free podcasting platform

For podcasting to be successful, a podcast requires a plethora of tools. The dilemma is that these tools cannot be bought without spending so much money most of the time. However, there is one podcast hosting that is affordable for podcasters.

For podcasters that are fond of not being excessively charged for podcasting tools, this option is for you. Anchor’s goal is to empower the user and audience without money. Not only is it easy to use tools, but these are also available for all.

The podcast hosting service site has its apps available on Android, as well as for the Apple operating system. This means that you can upload and manage your podcast from wherever you like. This option also makes it device friendly.

There are no trial periods and no limits to the usage of this hosting podcast hosting service site. It is 100% free, and it remains free with unlimited storage. There is hardly such podcast hosting that is a hundred percent free and also offers unlimited storage. Both of these options make anchor the best of all podcast hosting.

The beautiful thing about this podcast hosting is that it allows you access to all the tools and features. The podcast hosting service site does not come with any hidden contract, and you get on with your content forever.

The analytics of this podcast hosting service site is shown in a very easy to understand and non-complicated format. You can also get sponsors on your podcast and get paid. And this is applicable even when you don’t have a vast audience built already. It claims to have powered 1 out of every three new podcasts around the world.

The hosting also provides podcasting tips to improve the podcasting experience, especially for beginners. So if you are new to podcasting, then you can learn valuable lessons by simply moving to this podcast hosting service site.

Key Features

  • We can get unlimited storage without paying a single time on this podcast hosting site.
  • It is 100% genuine and scam free.
  • All the features of this podcast hosting site are free and can be used by beginners and professionals alike.
  • It has an extremely easy to use interface that even allows you to see the analytics.
  • This one also offers valuable lessons for the podcasters.


pinecaset podcasting service

There are only a few podcast hostings that are aesthetic, but when it comes to Pinecast, this one is the ultimate best. This podcasting host has distinct features of its own. It has a monochrome interface that offers simplicity and elegance to the overall look of the best podcast hosting site.

It is a good use for starters as it free trial comes with no time limits attached. Beginners can stay on this best podcast hosting site until they get the full knack of using and publishing podcasts. This best podcast hosting site allows you to migrate podcast data from any other host in simple clicks without affecting its availability.

The best podcast hosting site offers a paid starter plan. One of its convenient features is the on-demand add-ons. It means that if you require some additional tools, you don’t have to choose a whole new plan. Instead, you can decide from the available add-ons and pay for them individually.

They also allow you to embed the player onto your website. You can select and change these players’ theme according to the website’s interface, design, and tone.

One of the monetizing features is a tip jar. It allows you to accept tips from listeners that are transferable into the bank account.

The analytics show the data of your listeners as well as your subscribers. The best podcast hosting site makes sure that your podcast and related artwork is accessible and visible on the connected podcast directories.

Key Features

  • There are chances for your podcasts to become available on podcast directories.
  • Anyone can monetize their podcasts in the future after getting the required audience
  • You can embed the podcast player on your website.
  • We don’t have to buy the entire plan if we need to buy an add on.
  • The trial period has no expiry date.


Podiant poscast hosting with unlimited bandwidth

It does not matter how amazing your personal website is, it won’t be able to hold the load of your podcast’s audio files. When you plan to venture into podcasting then you need to remember that podcast hosting is a must.

Podiant is one of the most podcasters friendly hosting out there. It has a soft interface that is interactive and innovative simultaneously. The interface will allow you to have a conversation with the listeners and it will help you to be innovative with your podcast as well.

Podiant comes with a 14-day trial period on all of its plans. You can even use the pro plan for free for 14 days with the help of a trial period.

The best podcast hosting site has its own blogs that offer a variety of information on podcasting. Let’s say that you are new in podcasting and you want to get some amazing ideas. With the information present on this hosting, you enlighten yourself in the best way possible.

Podiant is a flexible hosting that comes with a lot of personalizing options. Your podcast is just one click away from all the major podcast directories when you finally decide Podiant to be your hosting.

If the medium of your artistic expression is in writing as well, this is one place for you. The best podcast hosting site offers you a blog and static page along with a home to your podcast. It offers three plans, and the features are added to each upgrade. The pricing is not generally very high. The analytics for this best podcast hosting site is only offered in the high priced network plan.

If you sync with the social media, the site auto publishes your uploads for everyone to hear. Podiant does not offer collaborations and advertisement of the content.

Thus, you can remain the sole owner of all of your content. Podiant allows your audience to comment on your podcast and this way you can build an amazing audience as listenership.

Also, this is an excellent way of getting feedback and pinpoint where your podcast needs improvements.

Key Features

  • Each plan of this hosting comes with a 14 day trial period.
  • You can actively converse with your audience and they can comment on your podcast.
  • Your podcast will automatically be published to different directories through this hosting.
  • It has a user-friendly and simple interface.
  • This one remains cost-effective.
  • There won’t be any collaboration and you will remain the sole owner of your content.
  • You will only be able to see the analytics if you by the high plan.
  • There are a lot of personalization options.
  • With the help of blogs, you can get amazing information on podcasting.
  • It is easy to use hosting and anyone can get the feel of it.


redcircle platform for podcasts and brands

Not everyone is a pro when it comes to podcasting. Beginners specifically need the kind of hosting that caters to their needs. Still, sometimes there are hosting’s that are only designed for professionals. RedCircle is different in a way because this platform has features that cater to the needs of professionals and businesses.

This podcast hosting platform is for brands, and it is supportive of brands. Although this best podcast hosting site does have options for podcasters and brands and agencies separately, it a choice for developed podcasters.

The best podcast hosting site has the option of host read podcast advertising that serves the purpose of monetizing the content. If you are one such person who is into a lot of growth then this platform will serve you better.  It is built on state of the art dynamic insertion technology.

The hosting features podcasts and relevant blogs. You find several guiding articles on how to improve the podcast and the thing you require. As this hosting is all about professionals so the blogs are written accordingly for professionals and brands.

As mentioned, it has separate plans for the podcaster and the brands or agencies. It offers free hosting and unlimited storage in all plans.

Most podcast hosting charges you for these features and have limited capacities, but not RedCircle. It is the platform for brand promotion and offers to advertise. By using this platform you can advertise your podcasts anywhere you like.

One of the extraordinary features is that all the cuts the best podcast hosting site takes told beforehand. So unlike most websites that reveal extra chargers after selling, this website shows candor. 

What RedCircle keeps is as following advertising 30%, donation 4.5%, subscription 12%. It also offers access to cross-promotion.

Key Features

  • This hosting is specifically for professionals and it may not serve beginners.
  • Brands can take a lot of advantage from this hosting.
  • There are relevant blogs for professionals that can be helpful.
  • This hosting offers cross-promotion.
  • It is even possible to monetize your podcast on this hosting.
  • If you want to advertise your podcast that option is very much available.
  • You will be able to enjoy unlimited storage with all the plans.
  • This hosting support brands.


podserve easier podcast hosting

If you are lucky you can definitely come across PodServe.FM It is a full-fledge podcast hosting service. There are many striking and remarkable features of this best podcast hosting site that make it’s one of its kind. This offers a free podcast promotion solution.

You can promote your podcast on this hosting with millions of people and this way you can get yourself, some loyal listeners. This means that unlike many other podcast hosts, you will not have to pay for it.

This hosting is a whole package designed for you to navigate the world of podcasts. The interface design and plan are made for experienced as well as beginners. You won’t have to be a professional to take advantage of this hosting. Even if you are a beginner, you will have equal chances to grow through this hosting.

The analytics of this best podcast hosting site are downloadable. It also offers one on one customer support service on all plans.

One of the features of this podcast platform is hosting plans. They include public as well as private hosting. Each of them has their payment plans. It is one feature that makes this podcast host different from all others.

The public hosting plan, among many other features, offers unlimited storage for your podcasts. This way you will have the chance to keep on being innovative with your podcasts without being bothered about the scarcity of storage.

There are two plans for private podcast hosting. These plans also have public podcast hosting options. They are a bit expensive, but the features are all worth it. Private hosting can be used for private companies and audience restrictions.

You choose who can access your private podcast. They also come with a private access link to email the selected people and password protection on your podcasts.

Also if you are new to podcasting and you are looking for that one hosting whose interface is simple to use then this one will serve you best. It has a user-friendly interface that can be used by beginners easily.

Key Features

  • This hosting is equally beneficial for beginners and professionals.
  • You can make use of public hosting plan or even a private hosting plan.
  • A private hosting plan has more striking features in the public hosting plan.
  • The analytics are downloadable and you can download it to see where you are going with your podcasts.
  • There is an option for the promotion of podcasts.
  • The hosting will not charge you for the promotion of your podcasts.
  • There is customer support service on each plan and you can always take the help of professionals.
  • It gives you plenty of chances to have a loyal audience.
  • The interface is attractive and simple to use.


backtracks podcast analytics and advertising reimagined

The importance of podcast hosting cannot be ignored. Podcast hosting is a must because it ensures the smoothness of podcasting. However, every hosting site does not have all the things. But  Backtracks has tried its best to offer everything on a single platform.

This wonderful hosting is partnered with Mckinsey and company, and this podcast hosting site has a bright-colored catchy page. You will fall in love with the whole procedure of publishing your podcast while using this amazing podcast hosting.

They have an advertising feature and allows you to connect with advertisers best suited for your podcast. This way you won’t have to search for advertisers anywhere else. One of its fantastic features is that it can help you earn money through the podcast.

It is effortless and straightforward when it comes to practical.  Because the interface is friendly enough so anyone can use it.

The analytics on the podcast hosting is rather impressive. It provides you with an extraordinarily in-depth analysis of your audience. You can even tell if the downloaded episode was played or not. The analytics option will keep you motivated to publish more innovative and interesting podcasts.

Most podcast hosts get complicated when the features get advance, but not backtracks. It is one place that offers advanced features without complicating the process.

All the features are elementary and easy to use. They have a newly added feature for the selective sharing of the part of your podcast. When you feel that the audience will likely love that particular part you can always share it. This feature is innovative and not offered by any other podcast host.

The podcast player is available on the website, and it is customizable. In addition to that, the best podcast hosting site offers a partnership with companies and other podcasters. The website also has an auto-updated ranking for the podcasts. One of the core values of the best podcast hosting site is ensuring the privacy of the user.

Key Features

  • It is one of the most secure hostings that you can get for yourself.
  • If you want to share the selective parts of your podcasts you can definitely go for this.
  • This hosting is equally beneficial for pros and beginners.
  • Even with advanced features, the process remains uncomplicated.
  • This hosting has a user-friendly interface and anyone can take advantage of that.
  • The analytics feature is its most innovative feature because it provides you in-depth analysis.
  • Through the analytics option, you can even see if the downloadable episode is played or not.
  • This one has a catchy interface and you will love every moment you spend on this hosting.
  • Through this hosting, you can connect with many advertisers.
  • It is cost-effective.


fireside powerful podcast hosting and analytics

A right podcast hosting is a must to make sure that you are venturing into the right direction. Podcasting can give you a lot of benefits but for that, it is important to start it from a platform that is authentic.

Like a fantastic song by an arctic monkey, ‘fireside’ is an excellent podcasting platform.  Unlike what the name indicates, They have a very comfortable and calm interface in deep blue color. Most of the time you are likely to feel poetic while using this platform. Its user-friendly interface will make you fall in love with the whole procedure of publishing podcasts.

The hosting is relatively new and started in 2016 by podcasters. This adds to its touch of innovation and a product of the latest mind.  The particular focus of this best podcast hosting site is the podcasting metrics.

It has a 14 day free trial for the standard plan. In these 14 days, you can familiarise yourself with the hosting and then you can go for the paid plan. They also have a simple interface compare with other podcast hosts.

The best thing about this hosting is that each feature and plan is listed in great detail. This gives a distinct understanding of what they have to offer and how it is different from the other competitor podcast hosts.

Its analytics comes with very easy to understand graphs and figures with adequate information. This helps to understand your audience and spaces to grow your podcast.  The security feature of allows the secure delivery of podcasts to your audience.

It is a fast host, and the content you upload becomes available to your audiences in under a minute. The webpage for your podcast is customizable and offers a personalizing look. Feel free to add your touch to make it your own.

You can change the domain name and make it your own. If you already have your podcast hosted anywhere else, you can easily import it to the fireside and avail the feature they offer.

Key Feature

  • It has a simple to use interface that is very easy to understand even for beginners.
  • You can easily customize your space by availing different features of this hosting.
  • This hosting is very fast and your uploaded content is published under a few minutes.
  • Though it is relatively new than the others still it is more innovative in most of the aspects.
  • Talking about its standard plan, it has a 14 day trial period that allows you to get yourself comfortable on this hosting.
  • One of its most striking features is security. You can securely publish your podcasts without being bothered about any issue.
  • Professionals can move to the next level by availing this podcast hosting.
  • You can even change the name of a domain to make it your own.
  • This hosting provides you the option of importing your podcasts from your personal website.


How to Start Podcasting?

Podcasting, like any creative thing, requires passion and investment in time. If you are new to this, then becoming a learner and staying open to new things is necessary. Creative things such as podcasting take time to develop and become fruitful. So have patience, start, invest your time and energy, and watch your podcast flourish. Podcasting is secure, and simplified steps have been summarized below.

  • Decide what you want your podcast to be about  (niche and category)
  • Come up with a catchy name for your podcast. 
  • Choose music and artwork
  • Grab minimal hardware required for podcasting 
  • Get your hand on audio editing software.  
  • Write the script and record.
  • Edit, add effects, make it impactful.
  • Choose the best podcast hosting site and upload the podcast
  • Keep track of your audience, and cater to their needs.
  • Improvise, expand, and built an audience.

Is Starting Podcast Worth It?

That can be an excellent question for the people looking to start a podcast. The answer is yes! Is it very much worth it? The word podcast, which has acquired a new definition in the modern world, is rather innovative.

There is potential that needs to be explored in this specific genre of entertainment and information.

The analysts list the podcasting to be at the stage of ‘early majority,’ which is an early stage for ant innovation development. It means there is a lot of opportunity and area of growth.

If you are thinking of starting a podcast, now is a perfect time to do so. Unlike vlogging and blogging, podcasting is the area that is not explored by many. The numbers of podcasts, although increasing, are still very less as compared to the blogs and vlogs. 

This gives a chance to make your mark in the podcasting industry. Moreover, the competitive environment that is gaining momentum is still relatively low. It is becoming a medium with a lot of diversity in terms of voices and topics.

When it comes to podcast directories, apple and Google has already marked the territory. But these areas are mostly restricted to staunch podcast users.

The private companies are setting their foot in this industry. Applications, like Spotify, also serve as podcast directories. There is no podcast directory for now. As soon as it is developed for android, the industry will see the rapidly building audience and increase competition.

So yes, this budding industry is worth the effort, if you want to flourish.

Who Can Start a Podcast?

starting a podcast

A simple and understandable answer to this question would be ‘anyone can start a podcast.’ The dynamic of podcasting has shifted and evolved drastically. The plain monotonous talking has grown into storytelling, information, entertainment, and whatnot. There is a scope for everyone to start a podcast if they want to.

Suppose you belong on the academic side and want to deliver lectures on the subject. Podcasting would be a good option if you have the knowledge about dieting and weight loss and want people to learn it.

You can do it through podcasting. If you want to tell stories, deliverance through podcasting can be impactful. 

Most well developed and well-known companies have their podcasts. If you are a local business looking for a breakthrough into becoming a new bigger one, podcasting can be a fantastic way to let people know.

Social media also has the on-going trend of influencers. Podcasting can pave your way towards becoming one. You can begin by starting an online page with the embedded link of your podcast. It will take your followers to the podcast. Talk about anything you like and build from there.

Things to Consider While Selecting Podcast Hosting Service

The preference of the podcasting service can vary greatly. There no rule to it. The quote ‘one-size-fits-all is hardly applicable in this particular scenario. Choosing a host that is cut for your needs can be very tricky.

Several hosts offer the same type of services, but their prices can vary a great deal. Sometimes, one host might offer a service at you need, but you will have to pay extra bucks for the package’s service that you don’t need.

 It can be frustrating to make this decision. But once you succeed, things can fall into streamline for you and your podcast. The key to all of it is research. Knowing and prioritizing what you need can be a great help. Here are some points you can remember while choosing the best option.

  • Cost and package pricing: cost affordability is an essential factor. If you are just starting the podcast, free options are better suited. If you are looking for expansion, then paid options depending on the features offered and what you require.  
  • Your needs for storage and bandwidth: different podcasters require different storage limits and bandwidths. Although there are options out in the market that offers unlimited packages, there is a possibility that these sites are not as efficient.
  • Monthly upload time: These factors come in light, especially in an episodic podcast; in that case, hour/month offered in a package is essential. The need can vary vastly from 2-6 hours a month. It depends on how soon an episode is due and the length of the episode.
  • Analytics host site provides: one thing you want to track is the out-reach of your subscribers. Deep analytics offered by podcast hosts are often paid.  You need to keep in mind the package best suited for your needs.
  • WordPress synchronization: if you have your website or WordPress sync and plug-in can come handy. Many podcasting does not have a plug-in but sync with it. Depending upon the traffic to your website, the need for plug-in may vary.
  • Advertisement and sponsorship: if you are looking for monetizing your podcast or making little money from it. Advertisement options can come in handy. It applies to sponsorship as well. This type of monetizing can help expand your audience.

When you have narrowed down these needs and did your research, the podcating host choice becomes very easy.

Which Equipment is Required to Start a Podcast?

free podcast hosting

Podcasting is not as simple as it sounds. Although, it may seem like there is a similarity in recording audio on the phone and uploading them.

The podcast is an art; creativity, as well as equipment and software, are need to add the artistic touch. It also depends on the nature of the podcast.

If it is a narration, a monotonous voice may work, but if it is a crime thriller or horror, added sound effects make the podcast more impactful. However, it is thought that podcasts require bulky and expensive equipment.

That is not the case. You start by investing small. If you start generating some money out of it, you can expand and go for more refined instruments. The minimalistic list for podcasting can be as simple as below.

Microphone: podcasting does not involve another medium to convey information than sound. Thus, a microphone is a necessity. A digital mike with plug and play option is preferable. Although you can start with an analog mike, it will not directly connect to a computer or laptop. Thus, we require extra hardware device to form a connection. So, a one-time investment in a digital mike is fruitful.

Audio interface: If you decide to go with the analog mike, be sure to add this piece in your podcasting bucket list. This equipment connects the mike to your computer. You plug in the XLR connector of mike into an audio interface, and it records the audio data on your computer.

A computer: laptop or a PC is a must as well. Luckily, almost all of us have one in our homes. This will save your pocket from draining to fast while shopping for starting a podcast. Audio files tend to occupy a lot of space. Make sure your device has enough storage capacity for all the raw data.

Editing software: to refine your audio sounds, editing software is essential. It compensates for any loss audios might have suffered due to hardware. This software beautifies the sounds and makes them more appealing. They come with the options of sound reduction, changing loudness and pitch, etc. All you this gives you audios more refined form.

Headphones: this piece is not a must. However, headphones can make podcasting easier. Hearing yourself through headphones will give you control over your voice. You’ll instantly know where and when to raise the pitch. It will also help you concentrate by reducing external noises. 

Pop filter: this item is also something that enhances the quality of your audio. It is not readily needed or required. But having it is a plus. It serves to reduce and filter out the popping sound while speaking. It is placed in front of the mike while recording. Although not necessary, it adds to the quality of the sound recording.

After all of this is accomplished, you can edit the sound as you like. Podcasting hosting sites is the step after this. Upload the masterpiece you made to a chosen podcasting site, and it becomes available on podcasting directories for your audiences to listen to.

Three Ways to Promote Your Podcast

Podcasting is fun, but getting a listenership is not. People are not going to download something stale and bygone. In 2020, you need to talk about Trump because if you talk about Obama, people will not buy you.

The journey from having 50 downloads to 1000 + downloads take time and dedication, but with some strategies, you can increase your chances to promote your podcast. Marketing is indeed the key, but being innovative even comes before that.

Make use of Podcast Aggregator

A podcast aggregator is also called Podcatcher. If you are wondering what that is, then know that Podcatcher is an application that plays podcasts. Like IOS has its default Apple podcast application, and Android has Google Play.

Other than this, several other podcast aggregators include Shopify, iheartradio, Soundcloud, podbay, and podtail.

If you are confident that you want to market your podcasting, you need to make an account on these aggregators. After publishing your podcast, you need to submit your RSS feed to every podcast directory, so the episodes are available for downloads on aggregators. This will allow you to have a diverse audience from different platforms.

Promote on Social Media Platforms

Nothing will promote your podcast better than social media platforms. If you are a newbie in podcasting, you need to have multiple accounts on every social media platform.

Make sure that you have an account on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn so people can converse with you and promote your podcast. This one is the best strategy to enhance your listenership.

Promote Podcasts to Get the Promotion

This strategy works best on Instagram, and it will work wonders for you. If you want to grow your following for your podcast, make sure that you promote other podcasters.

You can reach out to the followers who have the same size as you. Eventually, they will notice, and they will do the same for you.

How Often Do You Need to Publish Your Podcast?

Well, it all depends upon the category of your podcast and podcast hosting.  

Let’s say you are working with free podcast hosting. In this scenario, you will be able to publish a few episodes per month. On the other hand, if you have a paid plan for podcast hosting, you can go for weekly episodes or daily episodes.

Also, it depends upon the category of your podcast. Let’s say that your podcast is based on analyzing the latest news. You are supposed to publish an episode every two days, but if your podcast is all about dieting or weight loss, then a single episode in a week is more than enough.

Moreover, it is crucial to take into consideration the timing of your podcast.

Do not restrict publishing your podcast on weekends because people are most likely to listen to a podcast when they go to work or school.

Publish your podcast on weekdays and make sure you publish 1 episode on Tuesday because people download podcasts the most.

Can You Make Money Through a Podcast?

make money through a podcast

You need time, dedication, and smartness to make money through a podcast, and yes, it is possible. There is no such thing in the world as a free lunch. If you want something, you will have to work for it.

Podcasting has a lot of scope for growth and earning money. Here is how you can make money through a podcast.

Affiliate Marketing

People do not listen to Radio as much as they listen to podcasts. Once you are confident that you have enough listeners for your podcast, you can use it to make money for yourself. Affiliate marketing can help you a lot in this regard. 

By Promoting a Particular Service or Product

You can earn a commission when someone makes a purchase. We can take an example from Amazon. If you want to earn money through a podcast by affiliate marketing, you have chosen a book niche. In your episode, you can talk about the top 10 books of 2020.

While listening to your podcast, people will take fancy to these books and are more likely to purchase them through Amazon. Once they purchase through your link, you are going to earn Commission.

Online Courses

This one is a sure-shot way to make money through a podcast. If you are good at something, you can always develop a course about it. People will buy your course if it is innovative and unique.

You can do the necessary promotion of your online course through your podcast and then ask people to buy it. This way, there will be a lot of money.

Offer a Service

You can also earn a lot of money through your podcast by offering a service. Offering a service is the same as offering to coach and consulting.

If your podcast is about Psychology and you are a psychologist, you can offer people some sessions. This way, you can boost your earnings.

Premium Content

Sometimes, it is the best idea to not offer everything for free to your listeners. Once you feel that your listeners are expanding, you can put some content on premium.

It can be anything you want, but make sure that it is much more innovative and unique than your free episodes.

A loyal listener will always buy your premium content, and this way, you will have plenty of options to make money through a podcast.

Do I Need Podcast Hosting?

A great podcast requires time, dedication, and podcast hosting. If you believe that just because you have a personal website, you can host a podcast, you are wrong.

The first and foremost step of publishing a podcast is by having podcast hosting.

It would help if you remembered that podcast is a series of audio files buckled up in a single file. These audio files require a massive amount of space and bandwidth to be stored.

The dilemma with personal website servers is that they do not have the necessary storage to save that large file, but podcast hosting has that.

The best thing about podcast hosting is that they provide file hosting and RSS feed for your podcast.

You won’t have to do a thing because the podcast hosting will upload your audio files and even tell the hosting platform the details of your show. They will also help you generate your feed.

Podcast hosting is a must if you successfully want to venture into the arena of podcasting.

Where to Host a Podcast for Free?

Podcast hosting is a must because it acts as a middleman between you and your audience; you are likely to get many listeners for your podcast if you publish it on podcast hosting. However, there is no need to go for a paid plan at the first go for a month or two you can try free podcast hosting so you get familiar with the whole concept.

Buzzsprout The best thing about this podcast hosting is that it offers a basic free plan that requires no contract or credit card for signing up. One can easily trust this brand because it has worked with Spotify, Google Podcasts, iTunes, and even Apple. You are likely to get a lot of exposure once you sign up for free podcast hosting through Buzzsprout.

  •  It allows you to sync your podcast with popular directories.
  •  You are likely to get a lot of bandwidth, even in your free plan.
  •  The option of migrating a podcast from another source is also its plus point.
  •  This one supports multiple audio files.
  •  You will get unlimited storage in a free plan with two hours of upload every month.

Podbean  Almost every podcaster has heard of this fantastic podcast hosting. This one has four different plans, and one is entirely free. You can trust this brand because it hosts over 240000 podcasters with over 7.4 million episodes.

  •  This hosting has excellent resources and helps you a lot in building a potential audience for your podcasts.
  •  This one is a trusted podcast hosting platform, and millions of people use it.
  •  Even with your free plan, you can get the RSS feed and iTunes support.
  •  This one has an application for Android and iPhone users.

Make use of free podcast hosting until you are thoroughly familiar; after that, you can always go for a paid plan.


Before even stepping into podcasting, make sure that you get yourself the light platform. You will have plenty of chances to grow once you choose the podcast hosting site that caters to your need.

We have reviewed some of the fantastic podcast hosting sites that allow you to grow and publish your podcast in a secure manner. Now it is entirely up to you to make a choice.

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