10+ Landing Page Builders to Get More Leads (Reviews 2020)

best landing page builders

Since the birth of text-based web pages, the art of web design has grown into a full-fledged industry. With the amalgamation of each new code, web design has evolved brilliantly. The web setups that required complex coding and know-how of the language in detail is now done simply. The need of professional programmers have been eliminated. In short, the design process has become very elementary. Without any technical knowledge, any new web owner can get a knack of web designing.

New Page builders brought upon the new dawn of setting up the website, portfolio, personal blogs, etc. Page builders essentially changed the whole process of setting up a website and opened doors to unimaginable design possibilities.

Let’s take a look at what page builders are and how they work. More importantly, what do page builders contribute and how can they make your life easier.

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What is a Page Builder?

The page builder simply is a plugin that allows you to design and build a webpage. It has all the features and add-ons that let you decide what your page would look like. There are built-in tools and options present to help you customize the look of your page without external aid. In other words, page builders give you the power to decide what text and other components of visual communication appear on the page, the font, size, and all the animations, images, videos, etc. You can handpick each and every element of the page and decide where you want them, be it in the header or footer.

10+ Best Landing Page Builders

It’s time to talk about some of the best page builders that are equally good for beginners and professionals.

1. Beaver Builder

beaver landing page builder

Key Features

  • Three packages – Beaver builder offers three packages so people can pick the one they like according to their budget and preference.
  • Creation of landing page – anyone can create a landing page without any coding skills using Beaver Builder.
  • Reliable updates – Beaver builder offers reliable updates and they do not break the website apart.
  • Mobile responsiveness – There have been few limitations in the previous version but with the new update, Beaver builder is fully compatible with mobiles.
  • Perfect for web developers – Perfect for web developers because it’s easy to use.
  • Ideal page builder for agencies – It is an ideal landing page builder for agencies because it has modern design features and gradients.
  • The building of custom posts and pages – One can easily build custom posts and pages by using dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas.
  • HTML knowledge isn’t required – To built pages on this page builder, you do not require any HTML knowledge.
  • It works with every theme – This landing page builder works with almost every theme of WordPress.

Beaver builder is a splendid WordPress plugin that has been helping users build a web page by drag-drop elements like an icon, images, texts, or videos.

In case, you want to create a landing page within minutes without any coding skills then you need nothing more than this wonderful page builder. Not only it is simple and user-friendly, but it is also a good choice for beginners because of its responsive nature. The best thing is that Beaver builder is compatible with around every WordPress theme.

Beaver is a reputed page builder and almost everyone has heard about it. You can get more than 30 professionally designed templates to build your landing page faster with this page builder. It also supports shortcodes.

The clutter-free interface of this page builder will give you a chance to explore different options. Having this page builder means you can.

  • Edit in responsive modes.
  • Save your templates.
  • Duplicate your layouts.
  • Preview your layouts.
  • Add layouts and much more.

As far as the versions are concerned then Beaver builder has two versions called Lite and premium. It is entirely possible to create a simple web page with the free version however you will not find many powerful features there. In case you are serious about building your web page professionally then you can always choose the premium version. Also, both the versions are available on mobile and you can make changes on your web page from your mobile as well. Beaver builder pro has three packages and you can go for the one you like according to your budget and preference.

Although this builder is a fantastic page builder alone if you will pair it up with be Themer then there is no limit to what you can achieve.


  • The page builder has an easy interface.
  • it offers a lot of options to be creative.

Final Verdict

Despite few limitations Beaver builder is one of the best page builders that is available for WordPress. It has a clean interface, offers reliable updates, and has friendly features.

2. Elementor

elementor that leading landing page builder

Key Features

  • Get a live preview – you will get a live preview of the page you will create with Elementor so you have an idea of how it will look like.
  • Access to display settings – Elementor gives you access to display settings where you can change the background, padding values, or even margins.
  • History revision – you can always revert to a previous version of the page if you want to fix something.
  • Pro edition – in the pro edition of Elementor there are 300 plus additional page templates available.
  • Most features are for free – yes, there is a pro version available to this page builder but still, most of the features are even available for the free version.
  • You don’t have to be a coding expert – to use Elementor you don’t have to be a coding expert.
  • Unlimited designs – Elementor offers unlimited designs for your pages.
  • No need to upgrade – the basic version of Elementor is so cool that you don’t need to upgrade to the pro version to enjoy the features.

There is the best page builder for WordPress that is called Elementor. Elementor is a drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress and it is a wonderful choice for so many reasons.

The best thing about this page builder is that it lets you create original looking pages and posts that are perfectly unique and are much better compared with standard templates of WordPress. Also, using this page builder means you will get a separate interface to work on your posts and pages. The interface is clutter-free and enhances productivity.

To use Elementor, you do not need any CSS, HTML coding skills because anything can be done using a handy interface. The page builder lets you see the outcome of your work and it is easy to create any content layout or page layout you can imagine.

Also, the page builder works with all WordPress themes and this means you can keep your designs and still get the goodies that come with Elementor.

It is the best page builder to create impressive page layouts and designs without being a professional. There are more than 90 elements to choose from. Also, with the drag and drop option, it is easy to move any element across the screen.

The page builder is SEO and mobile-friendly and offers a library of pre-made page templates that can be modified and imported. It has more than 50 free templates and you can get more than 300 in the pro version. In case you use the pro version you will get a chance to modify your themes core elements such as footer, header, or single post template.


  • All the best features are available in the basic version and there is no need to upgrade to pro.
  • The page builder is SEO and mobile-friendly.

Final Verdict

Elementor is for all those people who have a tight budget. In case you want to enjoy the best features of a page builder without upgrading to pro then Elementor is for you.

3. Brizy

Brizy the young Landing Page builder

Key Features

  • Integration options – It allows to integrate with popular services like MailChimp and even woo commerce
  • Compatible with well-coded themes – the page builder is fully compatible with well-coded themes.
  • 4000 plus icons – Brizy offers 4000 plus icons to choose from.
  • Lots of potentials – Well, the page builder is relatively new but it has a lot of potentials.
  • Clutter-free interface – Brizy has a clutter-free interface that makes things easy for the user.
  • Zooming of the image – the page builder allows you to zoom the image.
  • No coding skills required – to use the page builder you do not require any coding skills.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – the page builder offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is time to talk about a relatively new page builder that is called Brizy. With Brizy, there are easy ways to build a web page that is innovative and non-conventional.

This page builder has a clutter-free interface and it allows you to do online editing and global styling. The prices are economical and within the reasonable package, you can get unique features.

Brizy released two years ago in April 2018 by ThemeFuse. The young page builder has a lot of potentials and its free version already reached 50,000 + active installations.

These installations speak volumes about the performance of this page builder. Also, the best thing is that installing the free version of Brizy is a simple task and you can do it in a way of installing the new WordPress plugin.

The page builder allows you to work with the new template or the previous one without causing any confusion. To build your page you can start with pre-made layouts or even a blank block.

Also, there is light and dark modes available to boost your creativity.

The free version offers pre-made layouts, however with the pro version you can get 150 plus premium layouts and blocks. One of the striking features of this page builder is its characteristic to allow users to zoom the image.

There is also an option of linking one element to another section. With other page builders you may not be able to adjust the width and height of images right on the editing area but with brizy, it is possible.

There is also an option of adding shadow and linking it to a URL. You can even adjust the alignment, duplicate it, or even turn it in a circular shape.

The best thing about Brizy is its global styling feature. With the help of global styling, you can change the color of every element with the same color from one place.

With the help of reordering sections, you can rearrange your sections in a convenient way.

Also, there are 4000 plus icons to choose from in the free and pro version of Brizy. The page builder is mobile responsive and likely to make things convenient for you. In case, you go with the pro version you can even customize your headers or footers.


  • 4000 icons to choose from.
  • The page builder is mobile responsive

Final verdict

Overall, Brizy is a wonderful page builder that is showing a lot of potential despite being relatively new in the market. It has many unique features that the other page builders do not offer.

4. LeadPages

Leaspages best landing page builder in the marekt

Key Features

  • Effective for small businesses – the page builder is really effective for small businesses.
  • Creation of landing pages – it is relatively a lot easier to create leading pages with this page builder.
  • Tech support – in case you are facing any difficulty understanding LeadPages you can always get the help of tech support.
  • Huge library of templates – The built-in library of templates has a variety of options for new designers and experts.
  • Pop up products – the page builder has a lot of pop up products that you can implement on your landing pages.
  • Mobile responsive – the page builder is mobile responsive.
  • Integration option – there is an option of integrating your favourites productive tools.
  • Pioneer – The page builder counts as a pioneer in the introduction of tools for landing pages

Most people have no idea that LeadPages was among the first batch of original landing page tools that were available in the market. The very idea of building the page was introduced by LeadPages.

There are several reasons why this page builder stands out among the others. First, it has the most extensive design library for landing pages.

It has more than 150 landing page designs and users can choose accordingly.

The best thing is that these designs are accurate and they cover all the possible angles. All designs have what a landing page should have.

It doesn’t matter if you want to promote a newsletter or offer a consulting service. You will get a landing page for your requirement. To customize your landing pages, there are handy visual builder tools. Also, there is a possibility of integrating this page builder with any email marketing tool that you may want. Moreover, you can even analyze your landing pages and their progress.

There is a full-on drag and drop support on the interface of LeadPages.

This page builder is mobile friendly and it has optimized designs. In case, you want to import your own landing page designs that option is very much available. The page builder also offers sub-accounts for coworkers.

The library of layouts is so stunning that you may not be able to get it out of your mind. The most striking feature of this page builder is that it will give you all the features you might need to make your landing page work.

However, there is one thing that makes this page builder less attractive and that is the price.

It is the most expensive page builder that is available in the market. But this page builder has a lot of possibilities for beginners and for professionals. If you can afford it, it is the best choice you can make in terms of having a page builder.


  • An ideal option for experts who want a more professional approach
  • User-friendly interface is easy to use
  • Fully customizable landing page templates

Final Verdict

LeadPages is a wonderful page builder with striking layouts and designs. It is a perfect fit for small businesses but the price is definitely an issue.

5. Divi Builder

Divi Page Builder the top rated landing page builder

Key Features

  • Drag and drop feature – The page builder has a drag and drop feature that makes the user experience more convenient.
  • Easy to use interface – The page builder has an easy-to-use interface and there is nothing complicated about it.
  • 30-day money-back guarantees – The product offers 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Supports Woocommerce –  Divi builders support Woocommerce.
  • Professional looking websites – with the help of this page builder anyone can create professional-looking web pages.
  • Excellent value for money – offers excellent value for money, surely you will be satisfied with your purchase.
  • Brilliant learning experience – Divi has a lot of amazing features and it offers a brilliant learning experience.
  • Updates – This landing page builder updated often so there is room for improvement.

Divi has started out its life as a back end page builder tool but now it is a reputed front end visual page builder. The best thing about this page builder is that it gives the non-web designers the power to create highly advanced pages without any coding skills.

The page builder has an amazing selection of high-quality pre-made layouts that can be used as the foundation of custom designs. Each layout pack focuses on creating a specific type of website that includes restaurants, construction companies, freelancing, or even agencies.

By choosing different templates you can even build your own unique web page.

Also, if your desired layout is available in a different pack, you can easily integrate it.

Divi builder has more than 30 customizable content modules that can easily be inserted into row layouts and columns. The page builder also includes a useful feature that lets you test your designs so you know how they will work with the audience. The page builder also offers the optimization feature in a clutter-free interface.

With this page builder, users can display full-width images on a blog. One can fully configure the layouts to meet the needs. Also if you want to save your layouts for reuse you can always duplicate them with the clone icon. Almost all well-coded mainstream themes of WordPress will work with this page builder and that is its most striking feature.

It is the best page builder that has a lot of potential for both beginners and professionals.

Not only it has an innovative and original user interface, but it also gives you unlimited creative opportunities. This page builder is really effective for web designers and they can save a lot of time by having it.

To get access to this page builder you need to join the elegant themes club. The starting price is only $89 per year and the package includes powerful email integration tools as well.


  • It has an easy to use interface.
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Final Verdict

Overall Divi builder is an exceptional page builder that can be used for beginners without any coding requirement. The frequent updates keep on making this page builder better.

6. Themify Landing Builder

Themify the best landing page builder

Key Features

  • Extensive customization options – Themifyhas extensive customization options and users can customize rows, columns, or modules independently.
  • Animation effects – The page builder has powerful animation effects and you can get them up to 60.
  • Functional widgets – Themify has flexible and functional widgets.
  • Reusable layouts – The layouts can be saved for future re-use.
  • Shortcodes – The page builder has a lot of shortcodes that allow the user to insert content easily.
  • Styling panel – Themify has a brilliant styling panel and you can control every aspect of your theme with it.
  • Responsive Grids – Users can use the responsive grid feature to use the page builder on mobile or tablet.
  • Pre-designed layouts – Comes with 40 pre-designed layouts.

In case you find yourself among such people who are tired of WordPress themes then maybe you need to jump on another bandwagon. To make sure that you are a little more creative, you can always try the Themify page builder. It is a wonderful page builder that gives you more control over how your content is displayed.

The best thing about Themify is that it gives you the full value of your money.

You can start using it for just $59.00 and it is exceptional for WordPress. The interface is not crowded and the icons are small. All these things contribute to making things very convenient.

This page builder serves as a front end and back end editor and its level of customization are also impressive.

The page builder has many impressive features like undo, redo, copy, and paste. It comes with an option of drag and drops and it can be used to create any post layout or page layout. Also, there is no need to learn new coding skills because you can customize different elements of this page builder without any coding requirements.

The thing that makes is different from other page builder is its ability to be both back end and front end page builder. You can switch between the two options to make things easier for yourself.

It has many pre-designed layouts and you can import them whenever you like.

There is also an option of changing the text or adding your own images to the layouts. Another wonderful thing about this page builder is its styling panel that allows you to control every aspect of your theme. With the help of a styling panel, you can control header styles, background image styles, footer styles, or even post title styles.

Themify has a lot of shortcodes that allow the users to insert content like twitter feed easily. Also, the layouts are reusable and that makes this page builder all the more perfect.

The widgets are functional and flexible and they make it easy to display various content types on your webpage. The wonderful thing is that the page builder also has almost 60 animation effects like zoom in and out.

It has extensive customization options and is truly an amazing choice to be your page builder.


  • There are more than 60 animation effects.
  • The widgets are functional and flexible

Final Verdict

Themify is a brilliant page builder that has extensive customization options.

7. Thrive Architect

Thrive architect the most loved landing page builder

Key Features

  • Full page templates – With the help of high-quality templates you can easily add almost any type of page to your WordPress website.
  • Better selection of elements – Using this page builder means you can better select elements for your web page.
  • Easy content editing – You can easily edit the webpage with drag and drop option.
  • Inline text editing – the page builder offers inline text editing.
  • Speed up the workflow – It can really speed up the pace of web designing and improve workflow.
  • Revision manager – The best feature of this page builder is its revision manager that allows you to revise the content.
  • Advanced section – With the help of the advanced section you can get more control.
  • Eye-catching animation – There are many eye-catching animations available on thrive architect which are hardly not possible with any other landing page builder.

Thrive Architect is a wonderful WordPress page builder. The most striking feature of this page builder is its pricing. Probably it is the most economical page builder available for WordPress.

Although the interface is not that simple and maybe complicated for certain users, however, it has powerful templates and sections to compensate for the complication of the interface.

In only $67 you can enjoy lifetime updates and wonderful features of thrive architect.

The best thing is that this page builder has over hundred-page templates and you can choose the one you like according to your preference and niche.

With the help of this page builder, you can create unique layouts for your content by using its drag and drop option. Using this page builder means using tried and tested features in a modern user interface.

It works with all the WordPress themes and easily integrates into your website. Because of the high-quality templates, you can easily add almost every type of page to your WordPress website.

The page builder has some impressive elements and these include a call to action, buttons, Facebook comments, countdown timer, and content reveal.

Access the thrive architect library and you will find over 200-page templates. Many of these templates have a strong focus on driving conversions. The best part about these templates is that they are highly focused on getting your visitors to complete a specific action.

Also, it is easy to customize the templates through the thrive architect interface. This page builder is best for all those people who focus on lead generation. The page builder offers a user-friendly experience and it is very easy to use.

It has landed in the market quite recently but because of the impressive features, it is making waves.


  • The page builder has eye-catching animation effects.
  • It is mobile friendly

Final verdict

Thrive Architect is a brilliant page builder that has launched in the market recently. The page builder has beautiful templates and it works with all WordPress themes.

8. SiteOrigin

siteorigin the innoivative landing page builder

Key Features

  • Free – the page builder is completely free and that makes it all the more desirable.
  • Usage of WordPress widgets – SiteOrigin allows you to use WordPress widgets.
  • Undo/redo – there is an option of undo and redo.
  • History browser – users can always track their performance by using the history browser.
  • Drag and drop Interface – the page builder has a drag and drop interface that is easy to use.
  • WordPress looking interface – the interface of this page builder looks like WordPress itself.
  • Flexible – SiteOrigin is flexible and you can always change the things you desire.
  • No coding skills required – to use this brilliant page builder you do not require any coding skills.

With page builders there are immense opportunities to be creative with your web pages. One page builder that allows you to be creative is called SiteOrigin. This one is the popular page builder for WordPress.

In case you want to create responsive column based content with the help of widgets then SiteOrigin can assist you. There is nothing complicated about this page builder and anyone can learn it in his best ability. Also, if you don’t want to use new widgets and want to work with the standard WordPress elements then that option is very much available as well.

It is also possible to work with any WordPress theme you like because SiteOrigin gives you freedom for that.

There are wonderful possibilities with this page builder and you can always change the theme as often as you want.

The most striking feature of SiteOrigin is that it has a simple interface that does not require you to learn any coding skill. At all times, the page builder generates all the codes for you. These codes can later be used efficiently.

Another advantage of using this page builder is the freedom to choose many  predefined layouts Also, there is an option of choosing the exact number of columns for each row and even the precise weight of each column.

All of us like to see how the web pages are coming up. With SiteOrigin you can enjoy life editing feature.

This way you will be able to adjust your content quickly and easily. Also, if you want to see the history of your work you can always switch to the history browser. SiteOrigin is developing every other day and it is getting all the needed improvements.

Also, the page builder is available in 17 languages. It is a reliable page builder that got 1 million active installations. Also, it is compatible with the 4.7 version of WordPress. It is a free page builder for WordPress and that is the reason for its popularity.


  • The interface is improving every other day.
  • It has an easy to use interface that looks like WordPress itself.

Final verdict

SiteOrigin is uncomplicated and has an interface that looks like WordPress itself. Once you get the knack of it, things become very easy to use.

9. WPbakery

wpbakery page builder

Key Features

  • No programming skills required – No technical skills required to design a page.
  • Suitable for anyone – It is an easy to use page builder that is suitable for anyone.
  • Brilliant learning opportunities – those who want to learn about web designing can have brilliant learning opportunities.
  • Third-party plugin integration – There is an option of using third party plugin integration to be more productive with the web pages.
  • Premium themes at affordable prices – WPbakery offers premium themes at affordable prices that you can choose later on.
  • Creation of mobile-responsive pages – Users can create mobile-responsive pages by default using this page builder.
  • Offers front and back end editing – It offers both back and front end editing.
  • Premium features – Even with the basic version users can enjoy futuristic features.

This page builder was formerly known as a visual composer. wpbakery page builder is an extremely popular premium page builder. The reason for its popularity is the fact that it is bundled with 99% of the themes at ThemeForest. Also, this page builder has been used on a huge number of sites and that is another reason for its popularity.

Same as Divi, WPbakery gives you a chance to edit from both the front and back end. It is entirely up to the user to work with any end wants.

Although there is no sidebar area nor any option of inline editing yet this page builder lets you insert new elements and styles by using pop-ups.

The good thing is that the WPbakery page builder offers around 39 elements including the normal WordPress widgets. There are a total of 86 templates available and among them, some are powerful pages while other just sections.

The style may be limited and not very advanced like Elementor or Divi but users can get a lot of control over rows.

The most striking feature of WP bakery is its massive add-ones. This page builder will help you create professional-looking web pages and is equally good for professionals and beginners. You can start using the page builder at $64.00.

Also, this page builder is reliable and productive because of its modern interface. In case you want to work on your own templates then you can always export them.

With the help of this page builder, users can customize their web page in minutes. It has a powerful drag and drops editor that requires no programming skills.


  • It is a premium level page builder.
  • The easy to use interface provides enough learning opportunities for new users.

Final verdict

The best thing about this page builder is its premium-level features. it can equally be used by professionals and beginners and has so many learning opportunities.

Generally What Do Page Builders Offer?

There are thousands of page builders available on the internet. Some of them are paid, and some don’t cost a dime. However, the individual features of the page builder can vary in features. The basic or the generic tools they offer are the same. Some of the options that you can avail after getting the page builder of your choice are mentioned here.

Themes and website interface/ layout: page builders come with prebuilt layouts for your website. The layout designs will help you to design your website and its user interface. How they interact and navigate through the website also falls under interface. You are free to choose from the layouts that are available, or you can design your own. The customized design offers a more personalized look to your website, and there is a lot of creativity involved that brings a better user experience.

  • Font and styles: when it comes to style and typography, it is crucial to reflect what the website is about, even in the textual form. Like Calibri, basic fonts won’t ring a bell if you are making an online portfolio as a fashion designer. With Page builders, you can choose from all creative fonts and writing styles to convey your message. Be it a minimalistic look or stylistic fonts; you can choose what works best. Moreover, you can place the fonts and writings wherever you like.
  • Images and animation: pictures and animation are essential when it comes to visual communication. How do they appear? Where they appear, is also very important. With page builders, you get to decide all the images and colors that can bring out the best in your logo. You can customize where it appears and the background as well.
  • Widgets: widgets within the page builder sophisticate the experience even more. They are extra tools that expand your editing and designing options. If you have written a blog and want the users’ options so that the reader can share it on Facebook, you can add the sharing widget at the bottom of the blogs. On page widgets form a layout where you can decide the value, design, and position of each element. In page builders, widgets are available at one side of the page that a user can drag on the page to make a layout or to design the required area of the page.

10 Benefits of Using a Page Builder 

benefits of landing page builders

Page builders come with additional features to design your webpage in a more creative way. There is a lot of experimental ground to design a webpage using a page builder. If you wonder what benefits you can gain from having a page builder, we have listed some here for you.

1. Beautify Everything

As humans, we all have a basic understanding of what looks good and what does not. That is all you need to design a striking webpage by using page builders. There is an option of Playing around with fonts, colors, and themes.

You are free to make the changes, and once you have an interface that is appealing, you are good to bring your website online. With some basic computer skills, you can create something out of the world.

Thus, a page builder takes what you have and amplify it into a beautiful looking webpage.

2. Design Without Coding

In olden days web development and designing required elaborated knowledge of codes and languages. Do you want a yellow font on the website?

Well, then you ought to know the relevant code. This restricted web development to only knowledgeable people. Page builder eliminates this need, and you can start working on your website from the comfort of your home.

With page builders, you don’t need to learn to code at all. Everything can be done in simple clicks with minimum effort. There is no need to spend extra money on some online courses.

3. Increase Your Efficiency

All you need is an installed plugin, and you are good to develop the website interface of your choice.

We live in a fast-moving world, and time is an asset. It should be used efficiently with maximum productivity. Especially in the cooperate world, if you invest your time in the wrong direction, you are giving your competitor the chance to climb above you.

Page builders help you utilize your time in a wise manner.

There is no need to invest in a professional designer or coder when you can launch your website without any delay with minimum knowledge. Moreover, there is no need to go through extra efforts of hiring team to work on the website.

With page builders, work smart, not hard, and stay ahead of your game.

4. Make the Dreams True

Whether it is a personal page or a business website, there is always a mental image of how it would look like. If you have a third party do it, a lot of the details are lost. Moreover, there are chances they won’t be able to understand what you want in your design..

Page builder makes this dream come true. You can now have the interface that is the carbon copy of what you want it to be. Go over the design edits and changes you want; do it yourself, and the result will be dream-like.

5. Suitable from Novices to Experts

Design software often means you need to possess the skill set to use all the tools. That is not the case with page builders. Moreover, more features do not translate into more complex and challenging stuff to understand basic functions.

Page builders are suitable for any level of the users and are easy to use. In case you are a newbie with no prior web development knowledge, still using the page builder won’t be an issue. The working and options are relatively easy to understand, and the application is rather simple.

It works just like editing a simple document but with a little more creative element, like images, videos, and specialized buttons.

6. Highly Customizable

highly customizable landing page builders

Hosting sites give preset layouts and a small number of customizable options. This can jeopardize your creative abilities and limit what you want out of your webpage. With page builders, you can broaden the horizon for yourself.

Give your website a personalized touch and put it in your own elements. Even with a third party host, your website does not have to look generic and basic. Spread your wing with a customizable tool and get your website on the aesthetic track you want.

With page builders, your website will not look like just another site in the massive pile of generics. Page builder lets you add the touch of uniqueness and peculiarity to your website.

7. Result Driven

User-friendliness and softness of the interface are a must when it comes to a landing page builder. It streamlines the whole process and helps in getting the output within a short period of time. Page builders are developed, keeping this in mind.

Moreover, with the competitive market, more and more plugins with the elaborated and soft consumer experience are being launched. Most of these page builders have a window-like interface where all the work is done, and the tool is separately arranged.

This is advantageous over traditional coding and designing. Such page builders allow you to get things done in a streamlined manner without the interruption in the workflow. 

8.  Highly Cost-Effective

Launching a website used to be a challenging job. It required time and patience, and there was a possibility that you will miss out on a bracket, and the code will not run. Moreover, the gruesome process of hiring a web designer was also involved.

With page builders come self-sufficiency. A computer with the internet is needed and you will be fine. A considerable investment is not required.

It is a good option especially for blooming small businesses that don’t have the capital to set up the server and launch online. You can get an online host and a plugin to get things done.

You can start free, and with time, you can invest to get more add-ons. In that way, you can get a lot done with very little or no monetary investment.

9. Allow Third-Party Integration

Traditional or the old process of web design required additional coding to add something to the web interface. The need for the correct code running was another issue with all the changes.

With the add-on, you can do that without the code. You want a pop-up window on your site just chooses the relevant add-on—no need to code it into the website’s data.

Just click and add the pop-up button. Some page builders come with a massive variety of free plugins. For a professional-looking webpage, you can also choose from the paid plugin. They will not cost you as much as the coding would cost.

10. User-Oriented Interface

In the world of coding and development, simple is the best. Simple is easy to understand, and concepts are graspable after a few tries. The plugin gives you this benefit. The clutter of all the code is gone and replaced by simple clicks.

In case you want some add-ons, you don’t require the installation process. The drag and drop option comes with added advantage and convenience. The page builders itself has a minimal and straightforward interface, yet it allows you to explore more effective and complex design options.

Insert videos or link your web pages to the YouTube channels; everything is simple and made easy for you.

How to Decide Between Page Builders?

how to devide between page builders

Deciding the page builder that is best suited to your needs is essential in developing the website that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It is critical to know what you require based on the content of the website. Websites are the windows for people to look into what you have to offer. Everything should be well represented, and all the tools should be utilized to the fullest. A wrong choice led by switching to another page builder can cause a disturbance. This will disrupt your website’s interface, and extra hours will be spent in bringing it back on the feet.

Here are some points that help out in choosing the right page builder.

Know Your Requirements

The first and foremost step is to know what you require. If you want to set up an online CV, a pretty primary tool will work. If you own an architectural firm, then versatile tools are needed to build a creative site representing you the best.

With that, you can narrow down your tool requirements. Themes with a lot of colors can be a requirement of a fashion designer, while geometric patterns can work for architecture. The extent of your business is also essential. If you own a start-up, then initially, a small range of tools will be enough for your website.

If you have a large firm, then investment in more elaborated packages is required.

Add-ons Library

A page builder with a more extensive collection of add-ons is necessary. One: it expands your panorama on what you might need for future use, two: it can help you choose the best page builder. One other thing to keep in mind is that this variety is free of cost.

If you pick out a builder and it has a lot of paid plugins, then you will need extra investment. With additional funds going on the website, the business can be affected, and you might need to make a switch.

Thus, it is essential to know what modules a plugin has and how many more you can get without money going on the website.

Templates and Layout

Another critical factor to consider is the template and layouts. Prebuilt templates are a time-saving option if you need to make a launch within a short time. The editing required with the preset templates is a lot less compared to coding.

You just need to figure out what to put on your website and where. Vast collections within the same plugin can help you choose a better layout for the website.

If the pool is small and basic, then your website will not be as useful as you want it to be.

Flexibility of Use

User flexibility is also another factor to consider. No matter what your level is when it comes to designing, the page builder should be usable for beginners and experts alike. In the case of beginners, it will be easy to figure out how to use it, and for the experts, it will help save time.

Nonetheless, navigation and the editing process should be straightforward, and the difficulty level should be low. The cherry on the top would be tutorials and relevant blogs to provide a better understanding of how everything works.

Some plugins do have this option so that you can utilize all the tools offered to the fullest.

Extent of Customization

If you are aiming to add the touch of personalizing look to your website, then this vital factor also comes into the counting. Customizing options is like letting lose all the creativity that is teeming in your mind. The more you are able to play around with tools, the more unique your website will be.

Thus this is an essential factor in building the brand name and developing brand loyalty. Page building customization within the template and designing from scratch should be sought after if peculiarity is what you require.

Otherwise, premade templates can get the job done pretty well.


A soft and comfortable interface is also something that should be on the list of things you require in page builder. Messy looking interface and unruly arrangement can really put you off and disturb the workflow. An organized interface that is visually aesthetic will be very easy to work on. 

It will also enhance your productivity, and the web page will be developed within a short time-span. So in a plugin, what you are looking for is a separate tool and work window with labeled buttons and add-ons.

In that way, you won’t have to remember the symbols and their purpose immediately.

Speed and Performance

Everyone wants a lot of tools, but a slow PC and hanged chrome tab is something not very likable. Plugin installation is likely to slow down the PC and web pages.

Moreover, some web builders are heavier than others. Although it is possible, another provider offers the same features, but it does not slow down the working of PC. Thus, you need to research everything beforehand and go for the one that does not disrupt the workflow.

A well-researched choice with premium performance can save you from a lot of trouble getting stuck.

Budget and Pricing

Another vital factor to consider while choosing a page builder is your budget. It is essential to know how far you are willing to take it in terms of funds. Choosing the best plugin that is well suited and falls within the budgets is crucial in long term web development.

Moreover, it is also essential to compare the plugin with each other. Sometimes the features offered are the same, and the pricing plans can vary. A good investment would be to get the features you want at a lower rate.

The best way to do it is to start the free trial and know if the options are working out for you. If it works, you can go for the paid plan afterwards.

Compatibility and Responsiveness

Device compatibility, as well as the thematic compatibility, is a vital factor as well. If you already have the theme in mind, and when you choose the page builder, it is not compatible with it; you will have to redesign and select a different face for your website.

Similarly, the responsiveness of the plugin is also essential. Most of the users are shifting to handheld devices. It is crucial to have the plugin that works and looks good on all kinds of devices. 

Customer support

Last but not the least thing you should be looking for the plugin is the customer support at the back-end. If the webpage is down, you have all the right to contact the provider and inquire about the issue. This feature also comes in handy if you need help setting up the plugin.

With exemplary customer support, you can get the guidance you need to get your website functional. Customer support in the form of tutorials and web articles and blogs is also something to look for.

Do Page Builders Provide any Competitive Edge?

competitive advantages of landing page builders

In the business world, it is all about the way things are communicated. Growing a significant online presence in a business is the key to success. A good interface is interactive and lets the communication flow both ways. Users on your website need to be touched with aesthetic sense and good visual communication.

This means a more productive, more appealing, and more striking website.

If you want to do that without much effort and investment, then page builders are a way to go. In that case, a simple answer to the question above is a big YES! Let’s see how you can gain this competitive edge.

Online presence is always a plus

A designated online presence is always helpful in making the impact. A good website with many integrated features can really make a statement and give you a competitive advantage. These days many firms demand an online portfolio of all your previous work. Even CVs have gone online. With an appealing and attractive web page, you can get a step ahead of your competitors. A page builder is how your online CV will stand out. Otherwise, a mere online page with basic templates similar to the ones everyone else is using will not be fruitful.

Visual communication

Web pages and websites are all about visual communication. The more likable the website is, the more traffic will flow, and your business will expand. A page builder is a designing tool that focuses explicitly on these things. They are equipped with layout and templates that are aesthetic and pleasing to look at. With the right choice of color and typography, you can convey the essence of the company right on the webpage. With all tools and add-ons, plugins bring you all that freedom. In that way, you gain an advantage in the market. 

A good first impression

With more and more people using the internet and increasing the number of smart devices, the web industry is growing. More and more business is being done online with no tactile presence. What is the key to that? It all lies in how you develop and present yourself. It’s about making a long-lasting first impression. Page-builders help you convey that image and impression that is lasting. A good impression means that people will talk about uniqueness. A growing population of loyal customers is a profitable business. Plugins get you this advantage from the competitors.

Get the money flowing in the right direction.

Capital is one of the most critical aspects of doing business right. If your spending is not fruitful, then the company can really take a toll. Suppose your competitor has the whole IT team set up for the website, but unlike them, you decided you use hosting tools and plugins. This will put you several steps ahead of your competitor. Page builder comes free. Even if the investment is required, it will take a lot less than the whole IT team. There will be no extra spending on designers and developers. It can be advantageous, and you can invest and grow your market in the right direction.


In short, page builders come teeming with a lot of potential and tools that you can use to gain benefits. Moreover, it is essential to know the needs before investing or even freely choosing a page builder.

Not only that, but these plugins can also help create an online image of your business that is liked and enjoyed. So page builder is an excellent investment provided that you choose the one that best fits your needs

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