10 Best Email Marketing Software, Services and Platforms in June 2020

Best email marketing software

Everyone is familiar with the email but not with the power of email marketing because only a few real marketers using this channel for marketing. You will consider email marketing seriously when you come to know that it can turn every dollar into $38. Yes, that means 3,800% ROI for every $1 spent.

In the modern era AI, drag and drop editors, automation, and integration of email marketing services with e-commerce platforms take it on a new level and eliminate the need for any coding. The whole process of setting companions and landing pages become easy; just a few clicks are required to reach on the result. 

A lot of new and old email marketing services are available, and nearly all of them are providing the same functions. Still, their cost, editors, templates, reporting interface, and flexibility, as well as their AI, make them different from others.  

To select the best email marketing platform, you need to consider the templates available, the overall design they have, deliverability, and additional features along with technical support, because if you are new, you will need it on every step.

As per my experience, every person looks for something different, and it’s not possible to judge the service while seeing its cover, better to sign up for service, which seems best to you and test them before paying in real. 

The best service provider should allow you to design your companions easily, provide advance segmentation, allow to personalize in-depth as well as provide state of the art reports which help to get insights.

Here I share a list of best email providers that will give you the power to send the right messages to the right users at the right time.

  • Constant Contact
  • Sendinblue
  • GetResponse
  • ConvertKit
  • HubSpot
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Moosend
  • Pabbly
  • AWeber
  • Omnisend

Constant Contact

best email marketing service

This giant is present in the market since 1995 and making doing of business easy of entrepreneurs, and companies while connecting them with their customers and subscribers. From automated welcome email messages to drag and drop editing, they have all that one needs to keep the audience engaged and grow significantly.

Constant Contact offers tones of features that will make your email automation easy once you set campaign then you only have to look after your statics. The other reason for me to keeping them in the first place is their analytics; their reports make it easy to understand what is working and what is not.

Their ability to manage invitation, registrations and ticket are remarkable. The service comes with 100+ customizable templates which are highly responsive and can bring good results on all devices.

From drip email to regular cadence all will under your control you can send an email for specific events and can plan for regular emails. On one of website, I have birthdays of clients on record, and I set it up to send birthday wishes automatically.

Well, it’s a versatile service which is fully compatible with your e-commerce business, either it is coupon sending or donation collection it supports all. 

The best part of their service is they are offering a free trial of a month. That will let you test in depth the email list building, contacts, email templates, marketing calendar, easy tracking and reporting, built-in social media sharing tools, free image library, list segmentation, Facebook ads integration, and a robust eCommerce integration for Shopify stores. 

I am sure once your signup with this provider you will never look back. Their price starts from $20, and they offer the number of contacts based pricing, that means you will pay for only active contacts that you have on the list. 

They have resources that can help a novice user to learn how to use email marketing effectively, and they also arrange seminars from time to time. 

Constant Contact offers unmatched support with live chat, phone calls, email, community support, and a vast library of helpful resources.


send in blue best email marketing platform

Sendinblue is a complete solution for business; it provides the services of email marketing, SMS as well chat that will help you to stay near to your customers when they visit your website. If you are new in the file of email marketing, then I will suggest you get involved with this service to provide their free plan allow unlimited contacts and 300 email newsletters per day. That will allow you to test their service in-depth and get hands-on email marketing before paying in real.

For serious marketers, their plan starts at $25 and allow up to 40,000 sends per moths, will give you access to all of the features like CRM, Marketing Automation, Transaction Email, Segmentation, Landing Pages, Signup Forms, Facebook Ads, Retargeting, Analytical Reports, Testing, and optimizations. 

New users like this platform more because its clean and user friendly even a novice user can make a campaign in a matter of an hour. Sendinblue mobile-friendly email designer will really impress you and eliminate the need for testing on different tools. 

There is another season to recommend it for novices that is AI which is smart enough to send the emails at the best time of the day to maximize audience engagement.

I find their customer workflow best to setup funnels that can lead to more profitability. They are growing with more speed in Europe as an SMS and email marketing platform. People love their drag and drop tools that create a vibrant and engaging email in a matter of minutes.

It’s smart AI algorithm is designed to get maximum deliverability in bulk sends. Maximum deliverability is benefits that work for those who do not know email marketing in depth.


getresponse email marketing platform

Getresponse is an all in one and a comprehensive platform for lead generation, product sales, webinar registration, auto funnel, email automation, and give the power that can lead your business to the next level. You can easily create content, boost sales, and increase traffic to your website while using their state of art tools and AI.

If you are looking for two solution email automation and webinar software, then it’s a solution for you where you get both of this solution in one place.  GetResponse advanced analytics keep you updated on what is working best for you and what is wasting your time and money as well.

Autofunnel of GetResponse comes with 30+ ready-made landing pages, which are easy to edit with drag and drop tools and allow you to set your custom sequence where you can choose any end goal.

I recommend it best to optimize your future email list and maximize your funnel conversions. There are some advanced features like segmentation, A/B testing, Autoresponder, and software integration that you can all test free for 30 days or signup for their basic package that starts from the 15$ and you can scale that later on.

You may be surprised to see some outdated landing pages that may not fascinate you when you get in through a trial, but do not worry, there are dozens of new landing pages, and they continuously add new ones. 

There most discussed feature is perfect timing that automatically sends your emails on the best time that will increase your open rate.

There support is awesome; they always remain available; you can access them through multiple channels.

GetResponse is an excellent option for small and medium-sized businesses. No extra skills and required to implement their advanced tools.


convertkit email marketing software

ConvertKit is my favourite that I recommend to most of the newbies who ask for advice. It was founded in 2013 by creators for creators; their target audience is bloggers. bloggers, authors, Instagram stars, and more 

The platform is wholly dependent on the visual builder, so even a newbie can see and how the email sequence will playout. Setting up a while complain with ConvertKit hard take 30 minutes. You can start email marketing without having a website. As I write earlier, I recommend it to newbies because its completely free up to 500 subscribers and the user will have access to a lot of advanced features.

It’s free plan nearly has all that a new business needs like:

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited, customizable CTAs & signup forms
  • 30+ premium landing page templates
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Customizable domain setup
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Manage 500 subscribers
  • Email broadcasts
  • Subscriber tagging
  • Seamless Unsplash integration
  • Creator community

ConvertKit also offers a trial of their paid subscription, and their package starts from $29. With the advanced package, you can test have access to the advanced segmentation and access to fancy designs.

It’s easy to take a free start with them and when you list grow beyond 500 subscribers then start paying in real. If you always depend more on the text, then you need to do more edits as they depend more on imagery.


hubspot email marketing service

HubSpot is a professional approach & most integrated package on the market. I believe that their platform is most easy to use and allows o design and optimize the email campaigns without any particular skill; its custom made features make its best in the market. 

When I look into competitiveness, I found that there is a massive list of tools and features which are only available with this provider, and no competitor is near to it. They have plans for everyone, either a small business owner or a large enterprise.

The premade advance templates that you can edit with the drag and drop tool allow to use any text, picture, and graphic, which make it easy to get a different kind of assets and stay distinctive. I found their interface user-friendly and easy to operate, once you are down with your design, you can preview it based on different recipients, devices, or email clients like Gmail, Apple Mail, and Office 365.

This tool allows you to check how your message looks like on each device sand based on the end-user email client. Well, it will help you to optimize your message for all of your audience and get a better open rate.

They have the edge based on their advance CRM system and tools but when it comes to cost they are not cheap, their state packed will cost you 50$ and allow to manage a list of 1000 subscriber will empower you with following tools and features:

  • Landing pages
  • Ad management
  • Live chat
  • Conversational bots
  • Forms
  • Contact website activity
  • List segmentation
  • Email marketing
  • Ad retargeting

The professional and enterprise package offers a lot more. I like the power of personalization that provides to each user. Yes, with HubSpot, it is possible to personalize the message beyond the subscriber name, you can customize the message for each device type and Geolocation as well as many other options available. Plus, before sending your message, A/B testing will let you check your message thoroughly.

There is another feature that should not miss, which is Smart Send Functionality; it allows you to adjust the send time. If you are growing, the business has big plans and wants maximum control and flexibility, then HubSpot is a platform for you.


activecompain email subscriber management tool

ActiveCampain offers endless list customization and its a platform with built-in-CRM and potent automation. I recommend it to users who love to send dynamic newsletters and offers to their subscribers. The platform itself is easy to understand and user-friendly, you can use it for automation as well as for follow-ups. 

There is another reason for recommending this email marketing service, that is its initial cost. You can kick in your campaign of 500 subscribers in just $9 as well as they offer a free trial that you can use to test their services in depth. 

Their CRM which is built by their inhouse team is the most dance edge that they are really cashing in, it provides advanced features and leads sourcing functionally. Along with email marketing and CRM, they are also offering Live Chat that will keep you near to your visitors. 

A robust is and flexible system which is easy to understand by the individual, your first campaign will take maximum one hour to finalize. 


moosend all in one marketing platform

Moosend has a plan for every business as it is all in one marketing platform for your business. They do not have history spanned on decades, but they figure out what people need to get success in their business. But their efforts never end here they simplify the whole process and make their platform user-friendly so every step of business and every new user can create campaigns quickly.

I like their words ” We Are Your Designer” it’s quite true; they offer 40+ free template that you can edit through drag and drop tool to give them a look that matches with your brand. It’s easy to test their services they are offering a generous free trial, while the free account has some limited functionality but it last forever. Best for those who want o take a free start.

Their pro package starts from $10 that allow to have landing pages and add many functionalities to your account like transactional emails, phone support as well as the SMTP server.

Few of their core features and benefits are:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Tracking, Reporting & Analytics
  • Integrations and Personalization
  • Subscription Forms, Campain Editors 
  • Segmentation that will make the job easy 
  • Ecommerce AI

Yes, they have all of these, and you can access all of them through their Pro package. Well, they are suitable for a starter and small business, but if you are only considering them to integrate with the e-commerce business, then they are too far from HubSpot. 

If you are individual or a small size company who need to get access to the text block, social icons, need to add images and fancy stuff as well as advanced tracking to your email, then it’s for you. Their intuitive drag and drop email template campaign builder will make all of these jobs easy for you. There is no need to take a start from the zero you can select any of their template where 100+ templates are available and can add your stuff to that.

You can create up-selling campaigns and can automate the whole process. Keep in mind every automation has three main components: the triggers, control steps, and actions.

They are cost-effective and has all that a medium business or digital nomad need and the price tag is affordable for everyone.


pabbly email marketing software to grow your business

Pabbly is a fantastic option to grow your list and to keep your subscribers engaged. I love their form builder, which comes with tons of unlimited options no barrier will come into your way when you are designing a form on pabbly. 

You can save your time while choosing premade templates or made your owns all of under listed advanced options will come to enhance your power to bring more profits and results that you expect to get from your marketing campaign. 

  • Drag and Drop editor
  • Conditional Redirects
  • Collect Payments
  • Email Autoresponders
  • Conditional Logic
  • Partial Form Submission
  • Thank You Page
  • Integrations

These all, in combination with one of the other, will lead you to make an ideal and inspiring campaign of lead capture, event registration, survey, and quizzes as well as payments and landing forms. 

The main focus on this service provider is on the “form building” and making these forms adaptive for any device and browser. These capabilities will help you to grow your list quickly while you also can add automation in your campaigns.

In just $10, they are offering unlimited tools and resources that will help you to lead your business to the next level.


aweber email marketing tool

AWeber is in this business for around 18 years; they are behind millions of successful marketing campaigns. If you want to get involved with a platform that is popular and high in quality, then AWeber is one. 

Their features are pretty much what you would expect from high-quality email marketing service. Their vast template library will let you select a preferred design, and then while using drag and drop tools allows you to edit the template as per your wish. 

They have tons of integration options that directly plug into your stuff and make marketing easy for you. Along with A/B testing, you will get access to high-quality analytics so that you can determine which email is performing well.

Personally, I like their resources library and automated email sequence that is based on the triggers and makes the whole automation easy. AWeber is easy to use, and they provide full service so people using their services can chase their targets.

The best thing is you can import a common file from the database that you use for offline decision making and planning as well as can keep into the record. 

They offer a free trial where you can access their resource to build your list and can test the service in depth while their paid subscription starts from the $19 and from the very first day they allow to access the all of their tools and subscription cost vary concerning a number of subscribers.


omnisend all in one email marketing platform

Omnisend is an all in one platform that can be used to deliver automated emails, push notifications, and SMS, it easily integrates with all of the major e-commerce platforms. It is a platform that unified email marketing across multiple platforms.

As per a rough estimate, more than 50,000 marketers are using Omnisend for their marketing needs. When it is integrated with e-commerce platforms, it can send more relevant and messages to the customer, especially to those who abandoned the cart. That will help you to bring the customers back to your store.

While it can also send messages based on visitor behavior on the site, while using their drag and drop form builder, you can build an interactive form for your visitor that will help you to collect more information.

They offer a free trial of 14 days that allows testing all of their tools and services in-depth; the basic package that empowers to send 15,000 emails starts from $16, while a single SMS costs $0.015 with the basic package of $20 per month.

25 Benefits of Email Marketing

It is a fact that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods used in this small digital world. I would love to quote here the wording from Direct Marketing Association “email marketing sees a 4300% average return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the US” So you can imagine the power of this marketing techniques. Hopefully, the under-listed benefits of email marketing help you jump into the email list building right away. 

1. Email is Always Personal

Its more human and real, the only person whom you address will see the message. It provides an opportunity for businesses to address each user with the real name and custom message. That thing that I like most is its delivery, its instant and direct lands into the personal email box. Emails make communication personal.

2. Preferred over Other Mediums

No doubt in recent decades several other communication methods come into effect but email marketing never loses its position. Every individual either an employee, small business owner or a corporate entity still gives first preference to emails over other social media communication channels.

Like we always use social media to interact with family and friends but when it comes to business we prefer to use emails. According to Marketing Sherpa, 72% of U.S. adults prefer to receive email communications from companies.

3. Help to Build loyal Relationships

Sending an email means talking in person with the target audience and it makes possible to discuss problems. The email box is private so it allows discussing problems and issues of the individual at a more specific level. A quick and right solution builds & strengthens the relationship. 

4. Razor Sharp Audience

It’s possible to arrange the subscribers into different groups on the basis of their joining email list, responses and activities on-site, this exercise allows to do segmentation and send a targeted email to a specific group that brings better response and conversion.

Modern email marketing Softwares are equipped with AI and automation that makes the whole process easy and hassle-free.

5. Email List Belongs to You

Yes, you are the right and lawful owner of your email list, email subscribers are completely different from social media likes and followers. Simply you cannot own social media and your access may be restricted any time but you can surely deliver an email to thousands of subscribers.

It is guaranteed access until the subscriber stop using his email address.

6. Direct Communication Convert More

It is a priceless feature of email marketing, email marketing allows us to communicate directly with each individual and when someone is not taking required action that means he needs more information or an offer that fits your product into his budget. once you build a list of prospects direct communication speed up the conversion process. 

emails conversion rate is highest t as compared to other communication methods, it converts more subscribers into customers. You can reach your potential customers without any limitation and can choose the frequency, with your tailored message. 

7. Email is not Going Anywhere

In the last two decades, many communication methods make their debut in the market, for a short time period they get attention and then disappear. But emails have been here for a long time, nothing can replace it.

So, it’s not going anywhere the amount your spend today helps to build a list that lasts forever. During my research, I found that every internet user has at least one email address because it’s necessary to sign up for social media accounts. According to an estimate, the half population of Earth is using emails. 

8. Effective Control Over Schedules

We all know that in this busy era every person has limited time for meetings and conversations and it takes efforts and time to agree on a physical meeting. But through emails, you can reach to your prospects at the time that feels convenient to you. The email marketing software allows scheduling emails for a specific time.

9. Improve no. of Returning Visitors

It’s normal to see a higher rate of bounce on your website but once you get the email id of a visitor you can bring him to your site again and again. People are more likely to visit your website again when you email them, inviting them for discounted offers. Especially when you shoot an email to introduce a new service or a special offer.

10. Cost-Effective Communication

You pay once in a month the fee of email marketing software the and get opportunity to contact your subscriber for a full moth, its cost is less compared to a phone call or advertisement on social media.  You get 30 days to follow up with your potential customer and to turn a subscriber into a customer.

Joining an email list means need more information and willing to turn into a customer. It does not involve any other cost rather than a monthly subscription of email marketing software. 

It’s relatively inexpensive as compared to traditional marketing tactics like print media, it requires a small investment, fewer resources and low operational cost.

11. Leads to Sales Funnel

Instead of selling a single product, a sales funnel allows upsells a number of other products to the same person who actually bought your first product. It is also called the sales process. Good quality email services allow automating the whole process, once you set up a sequence it runs automatically for selected subscribers/customers. 

12. Best Way to Get Feedback

A customer may not respond to a call that is made to get feedback on a recent purchase, feedback is necessary to know the loopholes and drawbacks as well as pain points of the clients. It helps to get answers quickly that contribute to forming a better future strategy.

13. Promote Content and Events

When you publish new content an email quickly brings your existing reader to your website and you have a list of people that love to attend your events. 

14. Increase Order Value to 3X

As compared to social media posts email marketing 3x the order value, because a well-written email compels readers to take the next step in the buyer’s journey. Every email moves your prospect closer to conversion.

15. People Check Emails Daily

Every person checks his emails daily either on a laptop, desktop computer or mobile. According to research, most people check their email once a day; while there is a category that checks twenty times daily. It’s a communication technique that provides small businesses with an opportunity of getting in front of their audience on a regular base.

16. No More Abandoned Cart

You can communicate directly and may offer a discount coupon to the visitors to add a product to the cart but never check out and leave the transaction incomplete. Automated email to provide an opportunity to reengage the visitors who did not complete their purchase, and it is possible without any human intervention. If you are aware of the dreaded abandoned cart then you can understand how important it is.

Below listed is a study from Smart Insights that shows cart abandonment email perform best as compared to newsletters and marketing emails.


Cart Abandoned Email Open Rate


17. Allow to Track and Measure

Email marketing service providers provide full insights where you can see the open rate, reading and click through. These statistics help to determine either the email complain is successful or not.

It also provides an opportunity to refine your campaign while making an adjustment in your subject line, delivery time, and message. The small tests help to make an effective strategy that converts.

18. Create Brand Awareness

Either you own a small business or a big empire the brand awareness is the most important thing that can lead your business to next level and create a positive image of your brand in the audience.

Email marketing helps to increase brand awareness by getting your email messages into the inboxes of potential new customers. The more consistent you become in your communication the more subscribers you can convert to customers. 

19. Build Credibility

Consumers love to buy the products of companies when they trust, emails give your ability to create your credibility with your audience through delivering useful information that adds value to your audience. A successful example is a newsletter that most companies deliver through emails on a regular monthly basis.

By providing relevant information you can win the credibility and can leave a print of thought leaders in the mind of readers.

20. Reach on Any Device

Emails are accessible on a variety of devices, even on smartphones, according to a recent study 41.9% of emails are opens done on the smartphone and users check them instantly. So email marketing is a solution where you can reach a subscriber wherever he is, which improves visibility and reach over time.

Just make sure your email is easy to read and contain content/photos and data that can be viewed on any device.

21. Email Marketing Content is Shareable

It’s easy to share email content just a press of “Forward” allows the readers to share content with friends, family and colleagues. that result in more leads.  

22. Create excitement and Stay Top of Mind

Your email can create excitement among readers about upcoming events and promotions, you can lead them to get an opportunity to save money. While frequent communication keeps your brand in the top of mind, that influence new conversion and also encourages repeat business. Just imagine you are reminding them about the value that you can provide them.

23. Integrates to Other Marketing Channels

It integrates with other marketing channels easily that allow using the same content that you have produced for other marketing channels. It saves costs and time as well. Like the content that you create for your social media channel, with integration just your one click will share it with all of your email subscribers.

24. Vast Reach and Quick to Start

Moderns platforms allow to create and design your campaign quickly and distribute it to a large audience in a matter of minutes. Email marketing is direct and quick when you learn it well. Quick professional email marketing gets immediate results.

It is quick to start even for a novice, a variety of template are available with providers, just choose one Putin your detail and material, you are ready to send an email to your thousands of subscribers. you can set a drip quickly for each individual who takes some specific action on your site. Templet’s tools are definitely a blessing that helps to set up first complain under an hour.

25. Offer versatility, Variety without any Limitation

you can share everything with your subscribers either its a text message, a picture or illustration, a banner or a video and even a link to your content on another platform. The beautiful landing pages offer variety and versatility.  Amazingly there is no limit you message may span up to multiple pages that make it’s different from PPC and other marketing channels.

Everyone is doing it why not you? Yes, every in the industry is sing these fantabulous marketing channels now especially the experienced guys who know well its cost-effective and fastest channel of communication. It brings results quickly and it always leads to more profits.

Why it is Prefered over Social Media?

It is a fact; professionals give preference to emails over social media; the reason is reach and engagement. Engaging your fans over social media is increasingly difficult, and it involves more cost, and decreased organic reach is another factor that convinces marketers to use emails instead of social media. It needless resources and time once you build a list, you can easily integrate email to social media channels and can get the result that is not passive over those channels by sharing the same content.

A better email strategy and moving your fans to newsletters give a precise control that every marketer wants to have over his marketing assets.

In the recent decade, social media channels are tanked, and to compete; you need to create more and more content that involves resources and time as well while there is no such hindrance in email marketing.

Marketing gurus are moving from social media to emails because factually, email leads to more conversions and leads. In contrast, social media can be a source to get news fans whom you can convert into subscribers.

Here I discuss some of the benefits that you will get when you use email instead of social media channels:

1. Get to Know What Works

Testing is an essential tool that can help you to figure out what works best, either it is A/B testing or multivariate testing. Through email, you can test different variations of your message, subject, CTA’s and can customize your messages concerning earlier interactions. One the basis of open, click-through rate, and conversion, you can decide which type of content performs well. 

Finding the level of engagement on social media channels is quite tricky, but when it comes to email, it’s entirely possible to every extent. 

2. Get more Attention

Social media channels are tanked, every company is present there, and users do not see your posts in their news feed,  the rate of viewing sponsored posts in the news feed exceptionally dropped in recent years. As compare to tweets and news in the feed, a user gets fewer emails that increase the chance of being notices. And definitely, when some notice you, the possibility of signing up for your offer rises significantly.

3. Full Control Over Who Sees What

open and click-through data along with other statistics, help to figure clearly who sees your message and who clicked on your links, and in-depth data allow us to become more specific in retargeting. You can be more versatile in your future message to increase your conversion and can define a different approach for those who do not see your message. Like you may change the heading that convinces the, to open the email. While using social media, you remain limited in such functionality.

4. Personalization on Individual Level

You can include the name of the person in email easy as per his previous actions on your site. You can personalize your message deeply. So its edge of email over social media. When a reader gets an email, it simply means it’s for him, and this is a feeling that makes email different from social media channels.

5. Proper Segmentation 

The modern email services allow you to create segments based on information and action of your subscriber; you can create unlimited segments; later on, these segmental allow Razer to target the specific segment. As you move on, you will have more data about your subscribers. You can manually put them into different segments or let the software do their job automatically. Like what links your subscriber click home, much time he spends on the site can lead to automatic segmentation. 

6. No Barrier, No Restriction 

You own the list, and you can share whatever you want to share. When it comes to social media, there are a lot of restrictions; you cannot share all type of material there if you do your account may get banned. These include but not limited to, Guns, porn, gambling, prescription drugs, etc. In most cases, you are prohibited from social networking sites if you deal in any of those areas.

7. Clear Sales Message 

email allows you to deliver a clear sales message in which you can include some useful content the informative one and a sales offer that can motivate subscribers to take action. Thee is no limit of words; you can include your message and can convey what is necessary as well as can include unlimited audio, video, and graphical presentations that motivate your subscriber to take action. While it’s not possible on social media channels, restrictions maximum words of the message and other content always stop you from doing more.

8. Email is Familier and Preferred Channel

Either it is business information of a special offer, people love to receive it on emails. A study shows that people are more responsive to emails. The other reason is it’s a permission-based channel people are very familiar with this channel. They loved to receive special offers and valuable information on emails instead of social media.

What are Best Practices in Email Marketing

Email can be a more effective channel when it comes to communicating with your customers and subscribers your readers only take you seriously until you stay legit in your role. Here I try to put all of my experience to make a guide of best practices. If you follow these points, you can avoid the bad practices which can spoil your credibility.

1. Build Your Own List

Email marketing is an effective channel of communication because people want to receive messages and wish to stay connected with your business. But buying an email list takes away this trust. It simple to understand you start sending them an email without there permission; that is something they do not want. Keep in mind under CAN-SPAM Act there are severe penalties that may lead to $16000 fine for a single incorrect email.

On the other side, if you are sending emails to customers in the EU, you have to take care of General Data Protection Guarantee (GDPR).

Spam complaints even can get your blacklisted, so pay attention to the way of email address collection and always run your campaign that can collect your good email of potential or interested prospects.

Either you are starting from scratch or an inherited email list, you need to verify that every email is organically added into the list by an individual’s own choice. I recommend you to immediately remove the rented or list that you bought from third parties.

2. Use Double Opt-in Method

This method will add an extra layer of security to your email marketing campaign and benefit you in two ways; the user is active; there is no spam, and he is more interested in your services. A double opt-in occurs when a user signs up through your landing page, and then an email is sent to the user for subscription confirmation. 

The user will become available on your list only if he confirms his subscription; in this way, the chance of spam addresses during the development of the list reduced significantly. 

3. Send A Stellar Wellcome Email

A stellar, Wellcome email leaves a good footprint. A simple warm Wellcome message gives you an opportunity to introduce your self and give a brief about your services. It will also help the user to understand what type of emails he may get from you.

You may also allow them to select the frequency of emails. For this purpose, you can lead them to a specific page where they can choose the required frequency. I recommend giving a Wellcome message that keeps your subscribers happy like you can offer them a discount or a freebie. 

4. Use Merge Tags

The data of the user that you collect during the sign-up process can be used for personalization; you use the user’s first name as the title.

An email titled, “Dear {first name}” is much more personal than “Dear Member.”

Email marketing Softwares make this job easy; just a few click will setup all for you; remember that first name is an essential merge tag that you should not forget to use. While additionally, you can add the company name or the list of products users previously bought from you.

5. Write a Compelling Subject Line

It matters a lot because the open rates usually depend on subject lines. A compelling subject line that creates excitement will push the user to open the email. 

Remember, the ect line should not be longer than 50 characters. A concise message in the subject line cuts through the noise and entice the user to take action. I recommend time on ti and come up with a well-thought-out subject that your readers cannot ignore.

Just imagine your email is in an overcrowded email box, and the editorial piece of your email will decide either recipient opens it or not. First, complete your email to decide about the subject line in the last.

6. Formate You Emails Properly 

Put the news-worthy portion of your email upfront. Provide a clear sense of urgency that can lead to action. Your email should be 500 top 600 pixels wide. Any addition may lead to horizontal scrolling. 

Place your CTA above the fold so every user can see it right away.

Never use no-reply response ([email protected]); it’s clear sending emails with no-reply stifles the impression of having on one conversation. I recommend using your company name or your name because it brings a better response; you will see most opens in this way.

7. Keep the Design Consistent 

You may found new things that look amazing, and you wish to corporate them into your emails, but keep in mind a consistent design bring better results. Always prefer to stick with a brand image. Choose a premade template from an email provider or higher a designer to get one as per your taste that matches best to your brand.

The email design should align with your overall brand found on your website.

It will help you as you have a template to update every time and also become convenient for your reader he knows where to find the right information and where your CTA is located.

8. Follow the Pre-send Check List

Make a checklist where you include all of task and important information which is necessary for each of your emails and then follow that manually before sending an email. This practice will not let you forget important things.

The checklist will act as a reference and will involve in a quality process to go through all from staring to send step by step. I found it difficult at the start to make such a list for me it takes three days to reach on a final list, but it ensures the quality of the next emails.

9. Segment and Clean your Email List regularly

Make segments based on actions and purchasing history so that you can plan differently for different segments; in this way, you can provide better content and better offers. Always delete those who are not taking any action after repeated email.

Cleaning your email list on a regular basis helps you in two ways; it will keep the list short and reduce the cost as well. Remember you are deleting no action takers 

An unengaged subscriber who does not open your emails is a burden if you carry them, you pay for them, so clean them on time. It will also affect your open rate and delivery rate. While cleaning your list, you can improve both.

10. Test Email Rendering Every Time

Your email will be viewed on different devices and different browsers as well as different inbox providers, A lot of tools are available that can show you a complete picture of how your email can render across these options.


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