10+ Best Audio Recording and Editing Softwares

Best Audio Recording and Editing Software

Every human being thinks differently; not everyone wants to be a doctor or an engineer. Some people are into music, and they like making Blockbuster music for themselves and the audience. However, to make music, we need the right music station. The good news is; plenty of audio recording and editing softwares are available that allow users to edit and generate audio files. Most of these software’s are used by music producers and audio editors.

The good thing about audio editing softwares is that they can be used to mix or delete audio sections. Also, one can easily arrange, edit and rearrange audio regions. These softwares also help to record and generate new audio components.

Another good thing about audio editing programs is they offer effects for manipulating the sound of audio files in multiple ways. As they comply with a variety of file types including MP3s, waves, Windows Media, and MPEG-4 so these are used by audio engineers widely.

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1. SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 Ver.12.6 (64bit)

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 Ver.12.6 (64bit)

Podcasting is fun but recording a podcast is tricky. It is imperative to get something amazing when it comes to recording and editing a podcast because listeners are likely to pinpoint in case they see they something is missing. One can only leave a lasting impression on the mind of a listener when the device is marvelous in many ways.

Like electronics, Sony has also marked its territory in software by providing a complete audio studio to its users. This complete package offers a variety of audio editing options right on your home PC. Can you believe that? You can record a podcast on your home PC with the help of this splendid podcast software. 

Highly compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 as well as with later versions), this software can be an amazing option for recording your podcasts. Once this software is on your PC, you can record any kind of podcast you like with your kind of editing. 

This easily available software comes in three versions; trial, studio, and Pro PC.  Let’s say that first, you want to try this software. In that case, you can go for a trial version. Once you set your heart on this software then you can make use of studio and Pro PC version.

Although, the basic features of all the versions are the same, the interface, access to channels, and audio options may vary. The options are much greater in studio and pro PC version but even trial is good to go for beginners. There are some additional sophisticated features and audio correction and restoration tools available in the Pro version.

This software conveniently records the audio sounds using a microphone attached to the sound card of the PC.  Broadcast quality audios and sounds can be produced by using this software.

The audio editing tools allow you to work with audio-video sync, balancing sound, and trimming. If you are not satisfied with any part of the broadcast you can always trim or balance it. It is compatible with various sound formats, thus sounds can be made available of several devices by using different formats.

You can also customize your audio effects by utilizing several available options. This software is compatible with videos as well. This can add impact and soul to your podcast using visual aesthetics and picture. If you are looking for one quality podcast software then Sony is definitely the one.

Key Features

  • Sony is a complete audio recording studio and it is indeed the best for recording podcasts.
  • As it supports many formats so it is appropriate to record a podcast on different devices.
  • There is an option of editing the sound during the recording of a podcast.
  • It has 3 amazing versions and these are trial, basic, and pro.
  • The pro version has more features then trial and basic.
  • This software also offers a lot of audio effects. Not only you can reduce the noise you can also autotune your recording.
  • It also has a sound card attached and it works beautifully on a PC.

2. WavePad Audio Editing Software

WavePad Audio Editing Software

Podcast recording requires peace of mind. One can only get the required peace of mind when one has the right software to record the podcast. It is always a good idea to have the one that is downloadable so you can customize your podcast whenever you like.

The downloadable audio software that can be your podcast’s best friend, is Wavepad by NCH software. This software gatherer such amazing reviews that people around the world like having this for the recording of podcasts.

The company does not provide the trial version of it for the download. It has one basic version and that is downloadable. This software supports Windows and is available download options are for PC as well as for Mac. This means that if you like recording podcasts on your MacBook then you can even download the software on it.

You just need to remember one thing and that is, this software is not free to use.  To use it, you have to go through the procedure of product registration and activation. Product registration and activation can be done from the official website for the permanent license.

This concise software does not take a lot of space on your hard disk. It can be used on PCs with just 512 MB of RAM and 100 MB of disk space.

For amazon costumers, the software comes with two years of update warranty. So it is always a good idea to buy the software through Amazon to enjoy warranty.

Several audio recording and trimming options are available in this software. You have the option to enhance your podcast, manifold by using the different audio recording and trimming options WavePad. One of its amazing feature is the voice-activated recording.

In case of the low quality of audio, restoration features, such as noise reduction, click pop removal are there to help you out.

You can also save your file using predefined options of CD-quality or the radio quality. The usual editing options include cut, paste, auto-trim, delete, and insert. These options prove to be very helpful during the recording of a podcast.

One additional feature is that this software allows you to work with several audio files at the same time and save them as a part of the same project.

Key Features

  • Wavepad does not have a trial version.
  • To utilize its only version, it is imperative to go through product registration and activation.
  • Many sound effects are present on this software and anyone can make use of them to enhance the podcast recording quality.
  • To enjoy the 2-year warranty, anyone can buy it through Amazon.
  • It supports many music files at the same time.
  • This software requires very little ram that is 512.
  • Also, this software requires a little hard disk space that is just 100MB
  • This software offers the option of saving the podcast on a CD for further use

3. Ashampoo Music Studio 7

ashampoo music studio 7

Podcast recording can only be enjoyed with the right software. Unless there is the right software one can always feel muddled and messy by the entire procedure of recording a podcast. Music Studio 7 by Ashampoo is complete software equipped with all the tools necessary for audio editing, searching, and recording.

Its outstanding features and the soft interface makes it a top choice not only for podcasts but also for music makers. Not only you can make music with the help of this software, but you can also record your favorite podcast. Many musicians around the world have nice things to say about this software because it has served them in the best way possible.

This relatively new product is Microsoft partners, which is a trusted brand for providing easy to use the software. The product is compatible with windows but does not support the IOS operating system. A computer is a must if you want to try this software for podcast recording. Also, it is not available offline.

After download, the internet connection is necessary for some of the features to be functional. It supports several audio formats. The sound input can be through a microphone or anything you are listening to.

It can modify the track speed depending upon the pitch and temp automatically. The best thing about this software is that you have to worry less about setting things in your podcast manually. 

To add a creative and tangy edge to your podcast, you can make a song mix to be played at the initial credits. The fade effect, fine-tune and several other features add clarity and precision to the sound. Let’s say that you are recording a morbid podcast and you need some horror tunes, by the help of this podcast software you can get them easily.

If you need the audio on CD, it has a built-in option to burn tracks on them. This way you will not have to buy a new CD to burn your recordings.  You can also choose from already available CD covers.

One of the fun features this software offers is the song recognition. It also arranges your music library and allows you to make a mix and mash-up using several songs.

Key Features

  • This software is all about a single-user license.
  • You need to have Windows 10, 8, or 7 to download this podcast software.
  • Most of its features are not available offline and you need an active internet connection to use it properly.
  • You can mix up to three tracks with the help of this software with the help of a blend option.
  • If you are listening to a nice podcast and you want to record it then that option is very much available.
  • You can even take this sound out from your favorites video with the help of this software.
  • This software has professional templates and features.
  • It has a user friendly and initiative interface.

4. MixPad Multitrack Recording Software for Sound Mixing and Music Production

MixPad Multitrack Recording Software for Sound Mixing and Music Production

One is always under a lot of pressure at the time of recording a podcast because a podcast is listened to by many people. We all know that it is up to the audience to leave the podcast right there if the sound quality is not good. Therefore it is imperative to make sure that the software you are using for recording your podcast is perfect.

Fast downloading software Mixpad, is predominantly a mixing-software but can be used for the recording podcast purposes as well. This software just the size of 1 MB allow fast download with compatibility with small and non-latest PC’S. 

If you want to record a podcast on your PC you can go for that but if you want to record it on your MacBook that option is very much available. However, you must remember that prices for PC and MacBook can vary when it comes to this software.

The software is a whole package and it does not require the installation of any extra features. Once you install this software then you need to activate it. After the download and activation, you can begin working on your podcast audio or music right away.

If you previously have any NHC software installed, Mixpad will sync with it to provide an elaborate studio experience and if it is not installed it doesn’t matter at all.

It is a single platform that provides all the features required for professional recording and mixing. The versatile software supports more audio formats than any other mixer. The intuitive and interactive interface is user friendly.

You will not have to grapple with the features to have an understanding. It is simple to use and the friendly interface will tell you how to operate it in an easy way.

It also has the option of drag and drops functionality for the ease of upload. Audio effects available in this software include EQ, compression, reverb, and much more. Also, when the sound quality is low then noise reduction feature is there so you can reduce the noise and enhance the sound quality.

These features can give a touch of innovation to your podcast as well as the clarity. VST plugin is also available for the addition of studio effects as well as instruments. If you are looking for that one software that is a complete package in itself then there is only the reason why you shouldn’t get this one. It is for sure the best podcast software.

Key Features

  • This software has been designed for professional audio production.
  • One can mix an unlimited number of music and audio tracks with the help of this software
  • The software also offers a royalty-free music library and sound effects.
  • Amazon customers can enjoy 2 years of platinum technical support for free.
  • It can be installed on Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
  • 512 Ram is a must to install the software on PC.
  • To install it properly 16mb of the video card is also a must.

5. SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio

Recording a podcast is a professional level task. Without proper software, mixing cannot happen properly and this way podcast recording can be interrupted. The right podcast software will make sure that you have all the mixing luxury is at the tip of your fingers.

This complete audio studio by sound forge is a flexible yet dynamic editing tool for professionals. It is so good that sometimes you need just one take to record a  40 to 50 minutes podcast. Compatible with windows, this podcast software is the best phone you can ask for.

Sound forge can work just fine with both 32 bit and 64-bit processors. To activate it, you will have to go through the procedure of online registration and after the registration, you can enjoy plenty of things. One time online registration allows the update support and excess to all of its tools.

The wonderful thing about this podcast software is that, it covers all four aspects when it comes to sound that is editing, recording, restoration, and mastering.

All in one feature, simple and easy workflow makes it an excellent choice. The software also has a customizable user interface that comes in four shades; dark, medium, light, and white.

There are so many wonderful things that make this podcast software the best among all. It offers 13 features for all types of editing. Using these 13 features you can record your podcast the way you like it.

You can edit the sound using up to 6 channels to produce the surround sound effect of high quality. Connect the mike and just start recording to produce the podcast of 32-bit audio quality. So far it is the easiest most software that exist for podcast recording.

The additional features also allow you to fix low-quality audio. Remove pops, click, and distortions to obtain crystal clear recordings. Other professional effects included in this software are chorus, delay, and flanger.

The poor sound quality of songs and audios can also be enhanced using this package. If you have kept some old podcast recordings because of low sound quality then using this software can enhance the quality manifold. Let’s say you have old tapes and vinyl records, convert them into digital using this software.

For installation it is imperative to have a disc space of 500 MB with 512 RAM.

Key Features

  • This software allows professional-level audio recording with many effects.
  • It can run on Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • The good thing about this podcast software is that its interface can be customized.
  • It can edit sound files with up to 6 channels.
  • It allows the Restoration of corrupt audio files.
  • Cassettes can be converted into digital audio with the help of this podcast software.
  • The professional level podcast can be recorded with the help of this software.
  • It supports import and export in many different formats.

6. Adobe Audition | Audio recording, editing, and mixing software 

Adobe Audition | Audio recording, editing, and mixing software

Plenty of options for podcast recording is indeed a splendid idea because this way podcast can be recorded in the best way possible.  We have been hearing about Adobe since internet beginning times. Be it photos, video editing, or audio, adobe has got you all covered.

Adobe audition is one of the most favorite software liked by amateur podcasters and professionals equally. If you are looking for that one amazing software that can be an asset for podcast recording then this one is definitely the best.

A similar interface like premiere pro offers softness and familiarity to the user. The product download is offered monthly and yearly subscriptions. If you feel you are comfortable with the monthly subscription you can go for that and once you are comfortable with yearly subscription even that option is available. The agreement is auto-renewing so you don’t have to worry about payments every month or year. The option of the yearly subscription being charged monthly allows the ease of payment.

Some of its comprehensive features are multi-tacking and waveform with the spectral display.

Like other adobe software, it is also a heavy one. A sophisticated and latest device is required for its installation. It is compatible with both Windows and IOS, but the minimum requirement for windows is windows 10 and above. It enables you to record sound with high-quality audio with clear and pristine sound.

It improved playback and recording options offer low latency. Its efficient sound panel allows noise reduction as well as noise-free recording. As it is a software designed for professionals so it offers quality Services.  All adobe features can add to the sound quality. It can also import audio from premiere pro to ensure constant workflow. Its latest added features allow the multiple audios to be added and delete simultaneously.

You can add a lot of effects to your podcast during the recording as well because it offers a powerful studio experience.

Key Features

  • You can zoom to specific durations with customizable presets.
  • With the help of this software, it is possible to achieve a professional-quality sound level.
  • Users can record, mix, and import audios for podcasts.
  • This software allows you to remix any track.
  • This software can be run on a computer and MacBook.

7. Reason Studios Reason 11

Reason Studios Reason 11

Podcast recording can drain your energy in the absence of a compatible software, therefore it is imperative to look for something that promises quality audio. When it comes to quality then we can rely on Reason Studios.

Mostly popular among the music producers and professionals it’s recording and editing options can be used for the purpose of making podcasts as well. This is the best software to record a podcast on and it has gathered amazing reviews because of its productivity.

Version 11 of the software could be an amazing upgrade for the users of version one to ten. This particular software can be available on several devices through a plugin. This is the new feature in 11 versions of this software.

It offers around thirty-one added effects to make your sound editing experience a remarkable one. It also comes with several pre-present sounds including that of several instruments. These sounds can be added to your podcast giving it a refreshing touch.

Reason offers quick and reliable editing in real-time. You can work with multiple audios at the same time. The interface is made in such a way that it offers minimum distraction while dealing with multiple audios. Its mixer is modeled after the analog mixing desk heard.

Despite its analog interface, all the latest editing options are available within. Some of its available features are EQ, advanced level handling, group, and parallel channels. This software also includes automation, in case you don’t want to opt for the manual. All these features make this software ready to use for any kind of production.

Key Features

  • The latest version of the software has up to 31 instruments.
  • Users can enjoy up to 33 effects and more than 7 players.
  • You can easily record and edit your podcast using this software.
  • It has a huge sound bank with more than 29000 patches, loops, and samples.
  • This offer allows for real-time editing in no time.
  • Version 11 of this software is its most upgraded version.

8. Beat Making Music Software Pro Pack

Beat Making Music Software Pro Pack

It is not every time that a music mixing software proves to be capable for podcast recording as well but when it comes to music software pro pack, this purpose can be achieved. Pro Pack is hot favorite software for making beats and music mixing. Also it is amazing for recording podcasts.

It’s highly compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can easily record a podcast on your MacBook and your computer. Windows 7 and above are needed for the proper working and installation of this software. In the case of Mac OS, it should be version 10.7 or higher. The program can be run on both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.

The package comes in a form of two DVD’S and option for the online download is not available. To install this podcast software it is imperative to buy a DVD otherwise you may not be able to use it for podcast recording. It is professional-level software for high-grade music and audio editing.

Despite its elaborated features, it is beginners friendly and very easy to be used by the newbies. Let’s say you are recording a podcast for the first time and you want the software to be easy for you, this one can serve you better in this regard.

Additional features this software offers is access to several audios worth 1000$. This can serve as the source of inspiration for your podcast and how you would mix up these audios to make new ones. There are not many software out there that also provide the inspiration but when it comes to this, then it inspires for podcast recording as well.

The additional features add value to your sounds. There are several audio effects available to be used. The program also offers access to several more through importing plugins. Some of the editing options are reverb, compression, and EQ. The DVDs also have tutorials and guides available to guide your path.

Key Features

  • A complete package for music producers and podcast recorders.
  • It is a complete digital audio workstation that is beginners friendly.
  • You are likely to get many bonus audio plugins with the installation of this software.
  • Automation of music is possible with this software.
  • It offers endless creative opportunities with 4.5 GB sound pack.
  • In Disk one, you will get the video tutorial about how to use the software to get the best results out of it.
  • Compatible with windows and MacBook.

9. Acid Music Studio

Acid Music Studio

Gone are the days when people used to rely on radio shows. Now they are more creative and listen to podcasts. If you are creative and you know that you can compose your thoughts in a podcast then it is definitely for you but for that, you need marvelous software for podcast recording.

Acid music studio comes in downloadable form as well as the box form. Although most people would prefer the download, the box comes in handy with a slow internet connection. This software can work with the Windows operating system.

The best thing about this software is that this software company made its mark as pioneers in the market of loop-based music production. Thus, this music production software, but sophisticated tools can be used for audio editing and recording such as in podcasts.

It is relatively a small software and occupies the space of only 5 MBs. But the installation requires the space of 400 MB on the hard drive. Though it carries small space yet it can be an asset for you if you are into podcast recording. You probably have no idea but you can achieve a lot with the right podcast software and this one is ultimately the best.

Improved, renewed acid music, enhance the core features of all previous version of this software. The newly designed fresh interface makes the availability of the tools right when and where you need them. You won’t have to grapple with the understanding of this software because the latest feature provides access to everything on the front interface. 

This also makes access a lot less complicated and readily available. The package also offers the sound of 8 instruments virtually, making recording a lot more fun. This 64-bit program utilizes the full potential of your RAM. It also has 8 additional plugins. It allows multi-track recording and sound adjustability to produce clear and noise-free sound.

All set is one of the best software to edit and mix your podcast the way you like it. You can add additional effects like noise reduction is its topmost feature

Key Features

  • Internet connection is required for registration and activation of the software.
  • It is also a good software for music producers.
  • It has a sophisticated new design that takes the fancy of a beginner.
  • The best thing about this software is that it has user-friendly interface.
  • One can discover around 2500 loops with the help of this software.
  • With the help of this software, you can play your own melodies on up to 8 virtual instruments.
  • It offers 11 powerful audio features.
  • This software also offers premium remix tools.

10. PreSonus Audio Electronics Multitrack Recording Software

PreSonus Audio Electronics Multitrack Recording Software

Music producers have fun because they work with the right music mixing software. When it comes to podcast recording then it is imperative to have software that is equipped with all the right tools. This audio software comes with an online code or in a box.

The contrasting feature of this software is that there are several versions of it available. Sometimes you don’t even have to download the entire software, you can just download your desired version and you are good to go.

The major features are the same for all the versions. With some additional options available as the subcategory. These options are specifically designed to cater to the individual needs of all professionals and amateurs. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The good thing about this package is that it has several features that are not present is most audio editors and recorders. This offers highly professional functionality and sound editing. This variety can be used to add sophistication to your podcast by creating creative sounds with added effects. This one is the best software for a podcast that is based on a horror theme.

The built-in features offer sound reduction and studio-like audio quality. Unlike other software, it features and supports video as well. If you want a sound from a video, this option is very helpful.  You can easily extract sound from a video with the help of this software to incorporate it into your podcast recording.

It also supports several audio formats making it versatile and innovative package. The options of CD burn and digital publishing are also available. You can keep on recording a podcast to burn it on a CD. This exhausts the need of downloading the additional software to process the audio further. This one is the full package and an ideal choice for podcast software.

Key Features

  • This software has a proven recording studio model.
  • It has a single screen interface that has the capability of handling multiple tracks.
  • This software offers a lot of creativity and inspiration for podcast recording.
  • It works with all the standard MIDI gears.
  • It is a complete production package with innovative plug-ins.
  • Another good thing about this software is that it supports multiple formats.
  • It offers pristine sound quality.
  • Users can extract audio from YouTube videos with the help of this software.

11. Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Home Studio

Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Home Studio

It is true that nowadays we can download all kinds of software’s from the internet but the DVD package still means authenticity. If you’re looking for a great podcast software then the home studio is ultimately the best answer. This Home Studio by Acoustica is an amazing choice for podcast recording and editing.

It’s 32-bit software that comes in a DVD package. The best thing about this software is that it can work fine with the Windows Operating system.  Moreover, it is Amazon’s choice for podcast software. This is the best software if you lack elaborated tools and hardware for podcasting.

The software offers the over relay of audios and allows the vocals to be recorded over the tracks imported. The professional mixers and synthesizers allow the production of high-quality audios.

There are dozens of sound effects already present in the software to choose from. It doesn’t matter what is the category of your podcast, you are likely to find multiple effects for that in this software.

You can utilize several different features in combination to improve the already recorded sound or to record a new sound. A simple podcast mostly does not require the level of sophistication this software has to offer. But if the requirement is a bit elaborated such as storytelling, relevant sound may enhance its effectiveness.

The multi-tracking options allow the mixing of up to 16 soundtracks or audios. The additional feature for this software is that it also supports the editing of videos. You can also live to stream your podcast by saving the pre-planned performance from the panel.

Key Features

  • This software is an entry-level music program that allows users to record and edit podcasts.
  • You can get creative with this software because it has hundreds of music loops.
  • You can extract sound from videos with the help of this software.
  • It has multiple sound effects that are appropriate for different kinds of podcasts.
  • With the help of this software, you can also publish your podcast.

12. Image Line FL Studio 20 Producer Edition

Image Line FL Studio 20 Producer Edition

There are very few podcast software that lives up to the standards of global audience and music studio is definitely included in the list of highly cherished podcast software.

This music studio that has its mark in the software industry as the best piano roll, can be your companion in podcasting. The software is compatible with Windows as well as Mac. The mixing and automation add to the intuitiveness of this software. It is easy to use and offers a wide variety of features.  It is one of the most sought after tool for audio production.

The availability of virtual instruments allows the vast dynamic of sounds to be explored and added in the podcast. The software comes loaded with a vast variety of plugin. These allow the additional features to be added to the basic software.

Complex editing such as time stretching and pitch shifting can be accomplished thanks to the availability of a wide range of tools. The flexible browsing features ensure continuous workflows without any disruptions.

The complex production includes the features of effects chains, audio sends, sidechain control, advanced automation, plugin delay compensation. Plugins available in the producer, covers all the basic to complex requirements of the audio sounds.

These include sample playback/manipulation, synthesis, compression, delay, equalization filtering, flanging, phasing, chorus, reverb, distortion, bit-crushing, and more. All these features can add clarity and soul to your podcast.

Key Features

  • It offers powerful mixing and automation.
  • The wonderful thing about this software is that it has over 80 instruments and plugin effects.
  • It lives up to all VTS standards.
  • This brand has a 45 day return and 60 day price protection policy.
  • It offers professional quality sound that is ideal for podcast recording.


Podcast recording is only fun when you have the right software.  Without an ideal software, it can be such an arduous task to edit and mix podcast recordings.

You must remember that audience is no fool, and they can always pinpoint the fault and lack of flow in a podcast. Therefore, it is necessary to have the best software for podcast recording. We have reviewed some of the wonderful podcast software for you. Utilizing these software means having the best of audio production with you. These softwares have the right tools and effects that are likely to leave a lasting impact on the mind of a listener who will be listening to your podcast.

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